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UPS nearly gave me a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN

This started in early February 2011 when I shipped 16 packages from San Jose, CA to Surprise, AZ through UPS. When the UPS driver came to pick up my packages he had only one shipping document form with him. He asked me to fill out that one document and sign it. So I filled it out and signed it. He then told me when he got back to the distribution center HE would be the one to fill out the rest of the 15 forms and put them on each package. But days later at the AZ destination, of the 16 packages only 14 boxes were delivered... 2 WERE MISSING. I called UPS to complain and I was transferred so many times to different departments, several of which were in the Philippines. Often I was hung up on. This went on daily for nearly a MONTH. I have all the records of all the UPS names and phone numbers that I called. Finally I spoke to 'Rachael' in Sunnyvale, CA and complained to her about my missing two boxes. After several times contacting her, Rachael announced they had FOUND MY TWO BOXES - one was in San Bruno, CA and the other one was in Salt Lake City. I was elated. But after a few days they delivered only one package and it was SOMEONE ELSE'S BOX. I called to tell them and they came to take back the box the next day. This problem with the missing packages continued. I called almost everyday to follow it up. Only after I threatened legal action did they suddenly tell me they WE FOUND THE PACKAGE. I was thrilled and relieved. FINALLY, I thought. BUT - when they delivered it, it was SOMEONE ELSE's. Eventually I was asked to fill out a claim form, which reluctantly I did. They asked me if I had bought any additional insurance, to which I said no. They then asked me if I had read the VERY FINE PRINT on the back of the shipping documents. I said HOW CAN YOU READ THE FINE PRINT WHEN YOU NEED A MAGNIFYING GLASS TO READ IT? Also, IT HAD BEEN THE DRIVER that had filled out all the paperwork and signed the 15 documents! Afterward, UPS mailed me a check for $118.04, (which I haven't yet cashed), which was nowhere near the $2000 value of my missing package! UPS assured me several times they HAVE MY PACKAGE, the package that was missing, the one with my valuables and important documents. THEY BALD-FACED LIED TO ME. It's VERY SUSPICIOUS that the ONE FORM that I filled out was for the ONE THAT WENT MISSING. The customer service people on the phone at UPS are very professional, no problem there, they know how to handle a hot customer. But they ONLY SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR. I still shout: WHERE IS MY PACKAGE?? but it's on deaf ears. The value of the items in that missing box aside, the $118 is not even worth the aggravation and suffering and phone charges and YEARS OFF MY LIFE FROM STRESS.
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With all the blaming and he said she said aside....IF i were shipping something worth 2,000 dollars, let alone 15 packages worth that amount as you claim, I don't care what you say or who you are, I would make sure the process is followed through correctly. Whether it be following up with the driver to make sure they did what they promised or purchase the insurance. Those packages are only covered up to 100 dollars unless you claim more.


Wrong, Rick. The poster is not "blaming others". The UPS driver gave the poster WRONG information.

UPS is at fault here.


lesson #1 - insure your packages

lesson #2 - fill out your own waybills. the driver is not responsible for providing you with, or filling out your shipping documents. handle your own business and stop blaming others.

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Ups stole my merchandise

I ordered a pair of shoes from Finish line and all I got was an empty box from UPS. The top of the box seemed OK but there was a rip on the side of the package and on the side of the shoe box. The box arrived very light and I am surprised to find that nobody from the office noticed the weight of the box. When I filed a complaint, they left me on hold for long periods of time and never gave me a straight answer. The lady at the local UPS office was very rude when I asked about my package and did not give me any answers either. Bottom line, somebody from UPS stole my shoes and they are being very difficult to deal with. I am extremely upset with the whole situation!
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What a coincidence. My UPS delivery guy has a new pair of shoes.

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UPS in Eugene, Oregon - Horrible delivery service

Every time I have a delivery, it gets sent back to the sender. Delivery drivers barely knock on my door and run. Instead of leaving package on my portch, they attempt the same thing following day. Then I call and ask if I can pick up the package 40 min after the "attempted delivery" and they tell me "you cant, it is being sent back" WHAT?! IT WAS JUST AT MY HOUSE 40 MIN AGO! Most ppl are at work durring their delivery hrs anyway. How are we supposed to sign for something at 4:30 pm? P.s I was working till 7 pm so I could not call in. Thanks a lot UPS! It shouldnt be this difficult
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If UPS can't leave the package at your door because the shipper requires your signature, they are supposed to leave a delivery notice (UPS InfoNotice), and are supposed to attempt delivery three times before sending the package back to the sender as "unable to deliver". If the driver didn't do this, he is breaking their own company rules. If this is the case, you should write a letter of complaint to UPS corporate headquarters, or send an e-mail to their customer service.

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UPS in Loveland, Colorado - BAD DELIVERY PEOPLE. Cant find address.

I have sent a bunch of mail to my kids in PA, even 1 other time with UPS, they can't find the address....WHY? All other packages got there with NO problems. Not only was this an expensive item but it cost a lot to ship...I am soooo not happy. Call customer service and got, "I am so sorry mam, let me finish filling out this form and someone will contact you tomorrow about the address. ????? IT IS CORRECT!!! DELIVER NOW!!!! Gees I am already up to about 165/125 for my blood pressure and this website won't end till I hit 100 words....getting more angry.
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Ups Delivery Service

UPS driver

All of my other UPS divers drive up to my back door, honk their horn, and I come out and get my package. This one driver habitually over the last year or more, refuses to deliver my package like the others do. He parks down my driveway, sits there for a few minutes and then drives off. According to local UPS officials, he is under no obligation to deliver my package if he is afraid of dogs, chickens, horses, goats, mice, etc. that might be lurking in the yard. Now we're talking about a man? in a 25,000 pound truck opening a door and handing a package to an 80 year old woman and closing the door. Now if I met him at the door of his truck with my pet grizzly, just kidding, I could probably understand his reluctance to open the door, but really! So much for the brave and courageous delivery of the mail. My suggestion would be to use the US postal service or FED EX. I've never had a problem with them.
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"So much for the brave and courageous delivery of the mail."

are you talking about the UPS driver or the mail man? sounds like you're confused haha.

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Ups Mail Service

UPS lies to people

I was due to receive an overnight shipment via UPS. Tracking said it was delivered. It was not. (not at my house and not at neighbors nearby) Upon contacting customer service I was told I was still on a truck even though tracking said it was delivered and I should give it another hour (?). After an hour I called again and was told no one in customer service would tell me such a thing. The driver was called and he told them indeed it was delivered. No package here. Now WHY would I say my overnight shipped package is not here?! Customer service said it was drivers word against mine and said to contact the shipper. They could have sent the driver back out but its a holiday weekend and clearly they dont want to do their jobs.
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Ups lies about delivery!

I ordered a product from a company and was suppose to recieve it in about 5 business days,it never came,so i called the company to find out what had happend they gave me the trcking#,i then called UPS and they claimed that the package had already been delivered to my address.It was not because i was here all day.I called the company ,they were very nice and sent me a replacement said it would be deliverd express. It never came. ups again says they delivered my package I called the company again and confirmed my address with them and it was correct, again they were nice and sent another replacement ,if it does not make it to my address this time i will complain to the BBB or yet the police!!!
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i ordered arthritis gloves that i desperately needed for work earlier in the week from they are good about sending products right away. i also ordered two other small items to get free shipping.

ups left me two notices that they had attempted delivery on this package, but i did not find them right away because they did not leave them on or near my mailbox like they used to, but by my front door, one on the floor. (i use my back door most of the time.) i check my mail daily.

when i called customer service, he said the post office does not like them “messing with mail boxes.” (messing with mail boxes?????)

so i called customer service, which had a recorded series, none of which addressed my concern, and it did not tell you what to punch to get a person, or what to do if your package was not delivered. so i had to guess that you have to press zero a couple of times. when i finally got someone, he said “just sign and print your name on the back of notice and tell driver where to leave package and put both notices, back where he left them.” i did this, and the driver still did not leave the package, and since it was the 3rd attempt, he checked off “pick up.”

i called the ups customer service, and stayed on the phone for 20 minutes waiting for her to resolve the issue. then she gave me info that my local ups would be calling me before 7:06 that evening. (like i am supposed to sit around waiting for them to call.)

they called right away and i talked to the “supervisor” who said they “don’t leave packages in apartment buildings and that my package contained drugs and they don’t leave them either. my package had makeup and arthritis gloves in it. i had to drive out to another city to pick up my package.!!!!!!!! unbelievable!!! this was a weeknight, it took half the night to take care of this problem!!!

the other supervisor there, who did not tell me she was the supervisor right away, (they have two supervisors – one in dispatch, this one is in shipping), said “oh, that is one of the areas where we don’t deliver to apartment buildings, anymore, because there has been some theft in certain areas.” i asked her if i was living in a ghetto? i told her i gave them permission to deliver it when i signed the notice. i told her this package was from which ups delivers for all the time, and that it had makeup and gloves in it. she kind of laughed.

also, i asked her how i am supposed to know this stuff when no one told me? she said they should get this information put on line so people know their packages will not be delivered- some way to let people know. i suggested maybe driver should write on the notices what is going on or at least customer service should tell you that when you call!

the supervisor gave me a number to call to find out if stuff can be left with a signature or if i would have to fax my signature in. (oh, now i have a fax machine?) i tried to call that number at home that evening and there was no answer.

i am really not interested in using ups for home delivery anymore. i talked to several people who were upset with them while i was at ups, including a couple of drivers leaving notices on doors where people were at home, and they did not bother to knock. that has happened to me before.

when i sign the notice, i am giving permission to deliver something. i have enough sense to know what is safe. that package was only worth $25. i am accepting full responsibility for it, ups would not be liable, it says that on the notice.

i think this new policy is extreme overkill. theft happens in all neighborhoods. a lot of people live in apartment buildings these days. why should they be inconvenienced?

ups does not think about their customers. they don’t think twice about the customer being inconvienced. they are supposed to be a “service”, but don’t act like one.

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UPS handling of packages is abhorrent, even when labeled FRAGILE and packaged properly. The worst of it is they just don't care. Their claim system sucks also, they expect you to wait around all day 9 am to 7 pm for them to show up and inspect damages which will not be covered anyway. There is no excuse for this type of apathy and sorryness. I packaged my item in such a way that I cannot imagine that it was still broken it must have been run over by a truck or dropped from the plane, unbelievable! UPS is the worst and I will never use them again and I plan on letting them know it.
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OK dum b Sht your too mentally handicap too get it. If you went on-line and looked at the packing requirements for Fragile items 1 lbs to 30 lbs value less than a thousand dollars you see you need to double box it with 200 lbs Mullen Corrugate, guess what stup id sht u-haul does not sell these kind of boxes they sell cheap ones furthermore you need to have 2 to 3 layers of plastic air-bubble cushioning with 2” of loose peanuts then rocket scientist you need to fill the void between the 2 boxes with 2 inches of loose peanuts 4inch corner blocks or 2 inch wide strips of 1 inch thick polystyrene 1pcf density. Did you do all that so your either to dum b or too lazy to find out how to pack a item so you blame everyone else you just got to love the mor-on on this site.


Higher standards, now that is funny. You need to browse this website.

Then again I am responding to the "package god" are you having a Napoleon moment, which means delusions of grandeur. I bought bubble wrap also at the u-haul store, but I guess that is moving supplies, too. To those consumers that are shipping items they don't want to have broken and mangled need to ship with any other carrier because UPS cannot handle fragile items.

BAD SERVICE, BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. My last comment and by the way have a nice day......


You just answer your own question U-haul is a moving company they sell moving supplies. UPS is a shipping company which requires a higher standard of packaging.

And I am sure you are disagreeing with that last statement! Let me in lighting you. When you move a item it gets packed loaded on to a truck driven to its final destination and unloading basically minimal handling. When you ship an item without getting long winded it gets loaded on and off trucks several times plus runs a conveyer belt system at several locations it is handle 2 to 3 times more then when moving an item.

All you have to do is go-on line and look at UPS Packaging requirements. A Mind is a terrible thing to waste.


This to "try again dtn" comment. It was packaged in specail packaging material bought at the U-haul dealer to trasport pictures and mirrors.

You don't know what you are talking about and you must be a employee of UPS. So go back to work and stop commenting on things you are not up to speed about. Like I said before if you don't have a dog in the fight stay out of the conversation. It was not your items that was damaged.

Again BAD SERVICE, if you don't believe me look at all the complaints on this web, I guess all these people are in the wrong and UPS is so superior. Please.


So here's the deal, putting fragile on a package has no bearing, ALL carriers have packaging guidelines shippers ie you, must adhere to otherwise people like you would be putting a lightbulb in a paper bag with fragile on it and saying it's the carrier's fault when it breaks.

ALL carriers have packaging guidelines they expect YOU to meet. Generally those guidelines include bubble wrap, and a minimum of 2 inches of loosefill, and more if particularly fragile, yes that means glass. Guess what, foam wrap and cardboard aren't enough.

ALL carriers ship using automated systems, machines can't read the chicken scratched 'fragile' on a package and furthermore don't care.

Pack to the carriers minimum standard and you are good to go, or at least have a case. If you don't know what those guidelines are, ask! One clue a fragile label doesn't qualify.


What I have to say to Rick and Package God is that if you don't have a dog in the fight, then stay out of it. I just sent a picture/glass/frame for my sister's birthday.

It was an orginal painting. Packed with foam over glass, sealed in cardboard bought for shipping pictures and mirrors it left here unbroken with markings of fragile - glass. UPS charged me additional for the glass content. It gets to the destination managled.

But the UPS inspector said it was not properly packaged. The only way they could have damaged this was to throw it at the truck. Nothing will ever be properly package, because they are not going to admit they were liable. It was sent in good condition and the only people who handle after it left was the UPS people so why were they not responsible for it.

What do think FRAGILE means!!! You UPS people need to audit your own instead blaming it on the customers. Believe me customer service personnel are no help at all.

Absolutely BAD SERVICE. I cannot believe UPS cannot get from point A to B without damaging your items.


most people who think they're good at packaging have no clue what they're doing in my experience


Maybe, Just Maybe your not as good a packer that you think you are. Just asking to what standards did you pack the item and what kind of testing has your packaging standards been put through.

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UPS in Dallas, Texas - Irresponsible workers and terrible customer service

We had a package that was supposed to be delivered on Friday, pretty important one. Checkng the tracking number it was later than usual, so it said it would show up on Monday. Well, Monday came and went, we were waiting for the package for the whole day, and then at 4:30 I decided to check the tracking number again, and it said that they tried to deliver it but nobody was available. Complete lies. So we called customere service and they said, that they will investigate and call us back in 2 hours. So, 1 hour went by and we were still pissed so we called customer service again, and they said again they will investigate and call us back in 30 minutes. Still didn't call us back, and then when we finally called back again, they said that the driver is already done work for the day. Don't use UPS!
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The normal method of drivers who mess up a delivery is to claim the package was left at the address and that no one was home. This is the sign of a bad driver and UPS will or will not do anything about it.

If they get enough complaints going back to one driver, they can get rid of him, but good luck.

I use Fed Ex as I have had the same problem with UPS. For some reason, I trust that the drivers at FED EX are more responsible.

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UPS in Stuart, Florida - Shipping industry electronic signature fraud! is a consumer awareness website designed to force ESIGN and UETA compliance within the shipping industry. Current systems, such as UPS' DIAD,have an editable package count number (which UPS admits to) yet offer no receipt to the signatory. Tracking numbers link to individual packages but no receipt is offered that itemizes every package (and its tracking number) that was signed for. This faulty system puts senders and recipients at risk of fraudulent records. Please visit the website for more details. All facts stated within the site are true and verifiable. Please help bring attention to this pertinent issue.
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You have the right to count and check everything you sign for. Once that stop is signed for and completed-drivers CAN NOT go back and edit anything!!!


UPS is just dreadful!!! Tracking info is NEVER correct! And when something goes wrong no one is willing to help you...its always "contact the shipper".

I dont know how shippers put up with customers constantly complaining that their shipments dont arrive or arrive damaged.


I have had problems with Fed-ex so keep up the good work


i totally agree. UPS is THE WORST!!

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