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UPS lied about their delivery attempt!!!

UPS said they would deliver an important package to me today. I waited for them all day. I live on the 1st floor and I can see everything that happens regarding my building. I waited for delivery from 7:55am until notice that they had come already (about 2:30pm). I was not distracted, I didn't leave my home. I waited by the window for hours. The delivery person never showed though he said he did. When I spoke with customer service, they said they didn't care, I would have to wait until Monday. The supervisor supported this decision.
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online tracking, it states they attempted the 1st time with nobody home. We we're home.

No sticker either. Bull ***.

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UPS in Atlanta, Georgia - J.Bower driver droped package unknown

Update by user Aug 16, 2011

OK here is an update to what happened to my package NOTHING I had my next door neighbor to go to the other neighbors and find my package and he found it up the street after knocking on everyones door to check he finally found it and the neighbor said I KNEW SOMEBODY WOULD COME LOOKING FOR IT. We all here don\'t visit we keep to ourselves and want to keep it that way and about a week or so ago I saw UPS TRUCK Came down to the end and turn around so they know my house is marked

Original review posted by user Jul 15, 2011

I am disabled so I order off internet and UPS has not yet delivered to my house as of yet I live on a dirt road at the end my house is marked they are scared to come down to the end Can they drive or what He put my package on someones porch with a fish tank on it is all he could say and they told me I had to go check my neighbors porches J.Bower you suck and I will never use UPS again FEDEX HERE WE COME I will tell family and friends NOT to use UPS
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:( I will be checking on any ordering I do in the future if UPS is deliverer I won't order Thanks for letting me vent because I'm sure nothing will be done to correct these problems Thank you

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UPS changed my address to something else that rhymed

I order shirts from a store and I gave them my CORRECT address. On the scheduled delivery day, the UPS driver claims that my address doesn't "exist" and he did not even bother to look for it. So, I contact the clothing company and they show me my correct address. So, I call UPS then they give the local ups my number to confirm that my address dose exist. The lady answers the phone with an attitude because no one would answer (It showed up on my caller ID as private) "This was be the last time I was going to call" she said. So, I give her directs and confirm my address. I then check the tracking number 45 minutes later and now it says it's shipping to a differnt city that I don't live in. So, the next morning I call and tell them that it is the wrong address,they had my correct adress before, why did it change. This "New" address was in an small town 45 minutes away with an adress sounding simular to mine in example :If I said 1234 Maple street on planet Mars they wrote down 2314 Mackle street on planet Jupiter. So, I tell them that this is not correct. I look online and it's still being shipped to that small town. So, I call again about 3 to 4 hours later and they tell me that it has been corrected. I am relived but, still puzzed as to why it still has not been changed with the tracking number. So, later today it shows as delvered but, not to my house. So, I call agian and tell them that I do not live on "Jupiter" I live on "Mars" . Then they say that my adress was confirmed but, still delivered to the wrong address. Now, they are putting the package in "investigation" and I told them when and If I I get my package back I am picking it up myself. so, they are tracing my package. My clothes are now sitting on the porch of some stranger.
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Sorry, i had alot of typos lol :x

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UPS in Tampa, Florida - U.p.s drop and run!!!

UPS has some mind to drop your package at your front door and then drive off if someone looks out the window and no ones there how can they know their packages is there then someone will come and steal it!!!!!!! I think more people in this state and other states would appreciate it if they could wait on someone to open the door and then say "have a nice day" or something. i'm sorry if i offended the UPS delivering company but i really don't appreciate how they work i hope your boss reads this THANK YOU
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It is called "driver release"...Post Office, Fed Ex, UPS and every other delivery company does this. It definitely would be nice to have someone wait for you to hand you a package, but lets put this into perspective.

These drivers are out on average about 10 hours a day, not including any break they decide to take. That is 10 hours of driver releasing (unless it is a business or apartment).

Add an extra one to two plus minutes for every on of those stops and I promise those drivers would be working around the clock with the work load they are given each day...It would be similar to a courtesy caller driving to each house instead of making the phone calls or cutting your whole yard with the *** eater instead of the mower..Yes it is a nice thought, but the company would not make a profit if they had that much time to waste. The company was built on customer service, these days it's all about the numbers.


That is all UPS or FedEx are required to do to a residence is leave the package unless a signature is required. A signature is always required by both when shipping to a business. You can add "signature required" to a shippment to a home or residence for an additional fee.


That is all UPS and FedEx are required to do if it is to a residence. To a business a signature is required. You can have a required signature added for an additional fee if shipping to a home or residence.

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UPS - heartless and does not care about customer

I order medical supplies to be delivered while I was on vacation because I forgot one thing at home. THe medical supply company did not provide them with the apt number of my complex. There are 3 apts in the complex I am at AND the driver ws given my number and told this was medical supplies and urgent. THe driver came did not have an apt number and left. He did notmake any attempt to call or even knock on a door to see, THERES 3 DOORS, not like there was alot. I called and sp;oke to a supervisor and he said the driver only makes one attempt and is not able to call or "guess" on what door it is. The guy was an absolute *** as was the first girl I dealt with. Even when I told them it was medical supplies and I needed them today they did not seem to care. And the supervisor said to me well I can mail you a postcard and you can update the apt number so we can get it to you. the eff do u think the postcard is going to get here without the apt number, is the usps guy going to call me you ***? I wil lnever use UPS again they are awful and dont give a ***.
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UPS and their *** ADDT charges after the fact!

I calculated shipping online using our account. Pkg 76x18x3/6 lbs. totaling WITH Addt. handling,their guidelines say if one side is over 60" at $22.42. Charged customer $25.68 to cover credit card charges etc. Well don't you know the statement says that pkg has been added an adj/other charge/correction of an additional $22.47! Call and get the run around. You think them and other shipping co. would get their *** together and compute COMPLETE charges when you input actual lbs. and size of pkg. UPS you suck!!!! Not the way to do business!!
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UPS is always late

I always get the two or three day delivery from these guys, and they always are late by 3+ days. They are not reliable if you want to get stuff in a timely manner. I have had things arrive a whole week late because these guys. And here's the fun part: they will give you the delivery date, and will change it 2 or 3 times on you to keep you waiting. Screw these guys. I don't know how they got to the top with how on time they are, you think FedEx would have beaten them to the top.
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They will not say there late until the package gets delivered jackazz because it might be lost or damaged dum dum and you don’t want to settle a claim until you have it in your hands so just SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have just been told by UPS that even though a package is on their truck scheduled for a delivery that they aren't "technically" late delivering my package- even though I waited all day for it, because the driver didn't have time to deliver it yesterday. Really?!?


Zoltek, did you ever consider that since you are ordering from somewhere it is the PLACE you are ordering from that doesn't get your order processed and into UPS's hands when they say they did? Did you ever get the tracking number and actually track the package?

I would love to have one of those tracking numbers to see for myself because I think you have no clue as to what you are talking about.

Were you aware that UPS offers a refund if they don't deliver on time? If you were, then you wouldn't be *** because you would have been refunded for ALL your packages that were late (unless there was a weather issue) since "not even once" have you rec'd one on time.


zolitek you're full of sht UPS has a 98% on time rating thats why they offer a money back Guarantee if they never made it on time they would be out of businees. so *** face don't come on here and starting making false claims!!!!!!!!!!


I have never actually had a package delivered on time from UPS. Not even once, and I have used it dozens of times. I would use other carriers, but some sites only offer UPS shipping.


UPS states very clearly that they are not responsible for delays caused by weather. Their hub is in Chicago, and if there are bad storms in the midwest, it is sometimes beyond their control to guarantee on time deliveries. I have been a customer for 10 years, and other than weather related delays, which I always tell my customers about, they have always been on time and very good about paying insurance claims.

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This is the 2nd time that UPS has "F" up a Saturday Delivery. The Packages are coming from Tampa to KCMO,The 1st time when it didnt show by the afternoon I called UPS customer Service I was told to go where the packages were picked up and see if there were any packages on the ground. Well that was in tampa, Im in KC. This time I was given the reason "OH WELL". This packages contained documents that i needd to work, so once again my company was shudown on a busy weekend due to a UPS "F" up. I have complained again to Tampa Office about *** UPS service, I insisted again like last time that delivery will be free because this *** Delivery Company cant make a freakin deadline. when it comes to delivery on time USPS is much more dependable, UPS SUCKS!
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UPS in Belfast, Maine - Invoiced Me For Hidden Charges

I was going to give UPS a chance over USPS for doing business shipping. Printing labels through paypal went relatively smoothly though it was a bit more expensive than USPS. While the shipping calculator was close for the most of the items being sold on eBay, a few of the charges came out really, really inaccurate. About a month after I started using them, I got an invoice for a bunch of hidden charges that were never mentioned and that I should've been billed for up front when I originally bought the postage. This is the scummiest kind of bait and switch.
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There is no way for UPS' computer system to know if what you 'say' when you ship (create a label) is the actual package you ship. IE you can say something weighs one pound and is 6x6x6 in size when you ship and will be charged that rate initially. But when the package is scanned during transit if it turns out you shipoped a 40# tire that measures 20x20x20 and isn't boxed, the shipping costs will be revisited with the actual package info.

BTW FedEx would do the same and the USPS would either not deliver, or deliver with charges due to the receiver if you pull the same bait and switch.

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UPS doesn't deliver!

UPS used to ring our bell and hand deliver our packages (with a smile no less!) Now? They leave the package out in the rain in a plastic bag when I am home! They don't even bother to ring the bell or knock. And they don't walk the extra 10 feet to the side of the house to put it on a covered porch. Today they "tried" to deliver a package we have to sign for. I was in the house all morning. When I went out at lunch time I found a notice on the front door that they had been here. No one rang the bell I would have heard it. Now this is happening frequently. Called to complain and was asked if I had tracked the package so I would know when it was going to be delivered! Hello! Am I supposed to sit outside on the front steps and wait for them to show up when I think it might be delivered? UPS just doesn't have good customer service. I am sick of them!
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dont worry about not getting yr parcel.. which i paid 60 dollars for del.

what about snooty attitude from aliens answering phone calls about yr concern 4 non delivery,,, why not employ aussie kids, 1 girl didnt understand my concerns about things so she hung up...

what the, nxt guy called me maaam,,, yew, and told me 2 write a note on letter box to say just leave here.... im sure all passers by would enjoy free present worth over 200 dollars, im sooo frustrated with this mob,,,heeelpp


I agree! Seems the delivery guy's always in a big hurry!

Sending pkgs overseas through their most expensive UPS Worldwide Expedited is a joke! If you track the pkg. it looks like it's travelling on a Greyhound bus, stopping at every place enroute; instead of flying directly to the destination country! After all what's the idea behind spending all that money if other cheaper alternatives are available which takes similar amount of time?

This is my first and last time as a UPS customer, thank you.

I'd rather stick to good ol' USPS! :( :(

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