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UPS cannot get their story straight

I ordered a product from Amazon to be delivered Friday. The tracking status showed the package out for delivery on Friday. Since it is an expensive item, I waited all day for it to be delivered instead of going out. It was never delivered. Saturday morning the package is still "out for delivery" but Monday is now listed as the delivery date. A UPS telephone agent could only repeat the tracking status four or five times without giving additional information. A second call to a supervisor got the "It will be delivered Monday" response for the sixth time. When asked why they couldn't deliver it today, Saturday, the answer was "I can't upgrade your delivery to Saturday delivery". I say "I'm not asking for an upgrade. I paid for 2nd day delivery. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday. I'm asking that you deliver it today. That's not an upgrade in service." When pressed for why it couldn't be delivered today, I got "It could be lost since it wasn't scanned as being delivered back to the warehouse." So, I ask "How can you say it will be delivered Monday if you are now telling me it could be lost." The answer was, "I just said it might be lost, so I can't guarantee it will be delivered at all." So I say "Surely you know which truck the package went on since it was scanned. Can't you call someone and find out where the package is?" Apparently, no because the answer is "Our information shows that our operation is closed on Saturday in your location." My location is San Jose, CA, a city with around 1 million residents and clearly too small a market for them to worry about, right? UPS clearly could not care less about their customers. Inconsistent stories and dissembling are all they offer.
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UPS: package kidnapper?

I've recently signed-up to UPS Mychoice since after calling the UPS customer service department. Indeed, the customer service representative explained me that the only option I had to chose a particular delivery day for a package currently in transit was to use MyChoice. So, I signed up and, here was the surprise: To actually decide when you want to receive a package that the sender has already paid for the delivery service, UPS require the recipient to upgrade to the MyChoice Premium: The MyChoice Premium being the only way to choose when the preferred weekday to receive packages. And naturally, this Premium comes with a fee for the recipient... In other words: UPS now would like sender and recipient to pay for using its delivery services... If I may say, it's almost like UPS takes your property and ask you to pay for getting it back. If it was not about a good but a person I think we would call that: demanding a ransom... I thought UPS had some ethics... I guess, I was wrong :(
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UPS lies about package delivery time

UPS attempted delivery while I was at work and left a notice that they would be back the next day between 10:30 and 5 p.m. The next morning I took care of some errands before 10:30 so that I would be home in time to accept the package. When I got home at 10:20, I saw a note -- UPS had attempted delivery at 9:30!!! Why would you specify what time you're coming if you're going to come at a completely different time!? I could've been home at 9:30 if I had known to expect it then! I called them to arrange some other form of delivery, because I can't keep taking days off work to see IF a package will come. They said I can pick it up at the UPS Center --- a WEEK FROM TODAY. There was just no way the driver could come back, ONE HOUR after he had made his untimely delivery attempt. I don't care about wasting the driver's time at this point. He is wasting MY time by lying to me about when I need to be home. It would serve him right if he had to work late to come back to give me my package. When I called UPS, they did not even apologize. The guy just told me (rudely) that I could either stay home on monday or pick up my package a week later. Yeah, really convenient! Glad I'm paying for this great service, ***
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UPS is a terrible way to ship. Fedex or even the postal service is a better alternative.

Here is a trick they pull with three day business shipping. My package was shipped Monday this week. Today, Friday, is the third business day as yesterday was T day. The are not working three day shipments today.

I asked if I could pick my package up at the main facility here in Nashville. It is closed. So, UPS is closed today with the excveption of a skeleton staff. These clowns have a terrible customer service approach.

I would not use them. in fact I use Fedex.

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UPS in Dallas, Texas - Package Delivery

UPS delivered a package to my home, after 6:30 p.m., without ringing the door bell or knocking on the door. If I hadn't checked the tracking notice I would never have known the package had been delivered. In fact, I have 3 dogs and they didn't even hear him which makes me wonder if he threw it instead of walking to the door, Packages are stolen from porches all the time and I believe this type of poor service makes it easier for the crooks. UPS drivers are notorious for being lazy with their deliveries. In the future, I will request Fed Ex.
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With all the packages misrouted and not delivered these days. Just be glad you got your package.

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UPS = disorganization

Last month I had two packages (from different stores) being delivered to the office. One arrived just fine. I kept checking the quantum view tracking page in regards to the other package and it got later & later. Apparently "end of day" means 7pm ... even for a business? Really? So I stayed late and kept checking the website. At 6:50 I checked the webpage and it said that a delivery attempt was made at 6:47 - Huh? Nobody came in ... nobody even knocked on the door which was not locked. After a heated phone call to UPS - somehow they got ahold of the driver & since he was a few blocks away he came back. The explanation I was given was that a picker put the package in the residential pile rather than the business pile. Sounds like finger pointing to me. Did I get my package - yes. But I had to stay at the office for 2 hours past regular hours and make a few heated phone calls - - - and I think I got lucky that someone actually decided to try & fix things. The fact that both items could have been delivered around 1:30 in the afternoon but weren't is ridiculous.
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Oh boo boo hoo. Cry me a river. Just be glad you got your package.

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They tell you to purchase declared value. And still do not honor it!!!!!!! I had packed a stein in a box 11in x 8in x 6in with tons of bubble wrap and of course it was broke when it arrived to its receiver. I had mailed it from Bonita Mail Stop who told me to purchase extra insurance (declared value). So I did but she never charged me for it. Which I did not know until the receiver emailed me to let me know the stein was broke a $125 value. So both the Bonita Mail Stop and UPS lied to me. Bonita Mail Stop said they rarely honer the declared value after the fact. Which I paid for on a larger item. So forget get your money back if it is broke or damaged!
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Sick of dealing witg UPS...

I have had a few encounters with UPS that have left a sour taste in my mouth. Currently I am sitting at my local facility waiting to get my will call package, which apparently was not taken off the delivery truck, even though it was requested it be ready for me to pick up yesterday. The lady told me that she has to look for it. I have been here for 30 mins. Last time I put something on will call, I waited for over an hour. Looks like it will be the same today. What is the point of asking to have it ready for pick up if it is not?? Honestly. And their phone customer service is just as bad, if not worse. I am furious. Whenever possible, I will try too avoid them.
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That sour taste is a UPS worker making excuses for not doing their job properly. I've never had a problem picking up a package at FedEx.

Apparently, FedEX can accomplish that which UPS cannot. Just remember the UPS tag line is "We heart logistics", the unspoken completion to that sentence is "we could care less about your package."


is probably just your boyfriend.

Guess what, your package is not the only package in the world. Sort something like 20k packages a day or more at a facility and it might take a couple of minutes to find your particular item.

Why don't you try yoga or something, you're a little too uptight.


Find another company for your shipments. FedEx I find to be much better than UPS or USPS. Well, anyone would be better than USPS.

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Ups driver helpers really sucks down in miami

they make you do 60 percent of the driver job and you only get pay 15 percent what the driver make in one day;only 8.50. and the big guy pull more than 300 per day while season is peaking.they make you park your car all around the city to meet the truck and wont pay you for gas or have to bring about two gallons of water because you will sweat about four in six hours.they make you sign an agreement you will be working until december 31 and the terminated employment the 23rd. I really hope I dont have to do this job ever again in my life.I will take it as a life experience.
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the job Really blows this is my 3rd year working with seasonal driver helper for UPS i thought considering they raised the minimum wage to 10.15 an hour that it would be worth it but I was wrong I don't know what I ever saw in this job its freezing cold and you do a *** load of work for garbage pay its not worth it


I worked hard as *** as a former u.p.s driver helper. I was so *** great my driver keeped wanting me to work with him, every driver helper is suppost to have a different driver each day.

The bad part is i worked a whole bunch of hours, the first week i worked from 2pm to 10pm for four days. the driver did not have me sign my clock in/out time sheet, instead he signed it himself and my check read 24 hours for me that first week. After that they keeped freaken screwing my check over. I fail on my back on solid concret & even worked in the rain for these u.p.s brown *** ***.

It really & always will *** me off U.P.S stills owes me money for my services!

To any in the future thinking about working as a U.p.s driver helper trust me its not worth the time & stress you have to go through to make a garbage based pay. U.P.S SUCKS!!!


:grin I know for a fact considering I have done christmas help you are totally full of ***. stop *** and consider yourself lucky you even got considered for the job.


Here's proof:

November/December 2011 rate:

Working 15 days over a period of 5 weeks earned the following:

89.45 hours X $8.50 hour = $763.95 total pay

Days worked = 15 X $6 per day gas and $5 per day lunch = $11 per day deduction



598.95 divided by 89.45 hours worked = $6.69 per hour

Factor time traveled (1.2 hours per day 18 hours) and 1 hour lunch (15 hours) required per day.

True amount before taxes of my time = 89.45 + 18 + 15 = 122.45 spent away from home

$598.95 divided by 122.45 hours spent = $4.89 per hour value of my UPS job before taxes.

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UPS in Little Rock, Arkansas - Customer service agent

I received a ups failure to deliver card 6 days after an attempt to deliver was made. I had to drive 30 miles to the nearest pickup point indicated on the card for self pickup. All of the information on the packege was correct for delivery. I have received ups deliveries at this address for years. The agent seemed unconcerned about my request for an explination and suggested that I try Fed Ex next time. Is this policy? I have always been very impressed with UPS and its service. I hope this was an isolated incident. Thank you for your time.
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UPS driver posed a great driving risk to the public

For all the talk of Brown drivers being so safety concerned and taking only right turns to save energy and for safety: at about 8:38 PM CST on 11/17/2011 I watched a west bound Brown truck on Pebble Creek Parkway in College Station TX make a hard left hand turn without signaling onto in the dark onto south bound Winged Foot Drive, forcing oncoming traffic with the right-of- way to slam on their brakes to avoid a head on collision. I'm beginning to believe that the brown truck color with the poorly lighted truck bodies is a stealth truck, designed to let "Brown" drivers do whatever they want after dark Frank Hopf college Station TX
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