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UPS is a nightmare!

I bought something from a vender in Canada and they used UPS. I got a notice yesterday that they tried to deliver the parcel but missed me. I called the customer service and found the location for picking up is 41 miles away. I asked about the option and somebody in the international department said I could use online option to choose reschedule for an alternative location because I would not be home either at there usual delivery time. I got online and rescheduled and paid extra money for rescheduling to my work location.But when the truck came today, I did not see my parcel. So I got online chatting with a UPS agent and she said they will deliver for sure within the business hours if I rescheduled it to this business location. But until 5 pm, no truck came. I was waiting in the parking lot for another hour in dark and coldness waiting, but nothing happened. So came home at 6 pm and called the ups international department again and found that it was not allowed to reschedule for international parcel! I asked them why the status was accepted for the rescheduled and my card was charged for the fee, she could not answered that. But she was nice and arranged a call from the 41 miles pick-up ups location. I was told that my parcel was still sitting there in the location and she was not clear why that was not out for delivery! Therefore, she has to reschedule for the Monday re-delivery to my work location. I cannot predict if I will receive the parcel and when that will happen! UPS sucks. Bad system!
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Never more UPS. Paid $285 for Package that wasn't delivered on time

I paid $285 for 8 Lb package to be delivered next day. It was delivered two days latter. The same package shipped three days latter via USPS Express mail with the same insurance amount to the same address like the first package did cost only $79 and it was delivered next day by noon. You make the math. $285 against $79 for the same service. The person in a UPS customer relations services was rude and unfriendly. The same thing was with the workers in the UPS store #3595 in MD. Never more UPS for the rest of my life. Go USPS
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WTF UPS! I knew before the *** package ever left the sender that I didn't want it, and I called UPS as soon as I received the tracking number (before UPS' tracking website showed that they got the package from the sender). They have the capability to verify...
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You're a tool.

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Ups doesn't care about customers

the ups delivered a package to my mom's house that was for the previous residents. She is old and extremely deaf so my brother and needed to take care of it. My brother tried taking it to the ups store, but they wouldn't accept it. They said we would need to call and schedule a pick-up. I tried to do that, listening to many options that didn't fit, pressing "0" and talking to someone who put me on hold a long time. Then they wanted to call me back, and asked for a lot of info on me. Finally I said this doesn't really involve me, I just want someone to pick up this package at my mom's, and they hung up on me!
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The topic of this post should have been "Mousavi DOESN'T CARE ABOUT GRAMMAR." Seriously? It took me 10 minutes to read through this post because of how terrible you are at the English language.

On another note, duh is right here. They delivered the package to the address that was on the label. Sorry the driver didn't see on the package: "Warning, resident is deaf." The UPS Store was right. They aren't going to ship something out for free because you claim there was a mistake.

Get over it. They said to call and schedule a pick-up, which actually would have worked had you tried it.. but no.. you wanted to do it your way and blame everyone else? UPS did their job, and you are a *** cry baby.


They delivered the item to the address on the label. Game over. They did their job.

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Ups Delivery Guy was Rude.

Today, I went outside to watch the dogs because I am home sick. I had apparently not heard the doorbell ring, so as i looked inside, i saw the UPS guy looking into my window. As he saw me he gave me the "Are you ***?" look. By the way, I'm only 13. Aren't they supposed to deliver even if people aren't there? So i go to the door and say " Sorry i was watching my dogs" He replied with an "Okay" and rolled eyes. He made me sign and then left. I look like a kid! NO need to be SO rude!
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Rude UPS delivery guy.

Okay so i am home sick today. It is a fairly decent day so i sat on the porch and watched my dogs. I apparently hadn't heard the doorbell ring, so i look inside, finding the UPS driver looking into my window. He saw me and made the look like" Are you ***?". By the way, I'm only 13. Aren't UPS guys supposed to deliver even if people aren't there? So i answer the door and I say "Sorry I was watching my dogs." He replied with a rool to his eyes, made me sign then left.
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If it comes in broken, it was most likely delivered via UPS!


"UPS guys" would love to deliver your residential packages when you aren't home; but unfortunately, the shipper used the "Signature required" option so that the delivery driver would have had to make potentially 3 delivery attempts before sending it back to the shipper.

God forbid someone gives you a rude "eye roll," get over yourself. If you're only 13 I can only imagine what you will be like later on down the road.

Their job isn't easy and unfortunately, they can't sit on their porch for hours on end watching their dogs... they have a job to do and a scheduled route to keep.


Why did you post this twice you *** tool?

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UPS - worst customer service ever!

UPS does NOT know what they are doing. I have had numerous bad experiences with them. Their customer service agents have the ability to research and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! They have NO idea where a package is at any given time, no idea where a package was left, and NO idea how to find out. I actually had a supervisor HANG UP ON ME because I was begging and pleading with her to help me find a very important package...after I already begged and pleaded with someone else for 45 minutes. They literally do not know where their drivers leave packages, and if they do, they refuse to pass that on to the's amazing to me. They continually told me to contact the shipper...Why the *** would the shipper know where UPS left my package? They are horrible and I avoid shipping with them as much as possible. What can brown do for me? Go bankrupt and dissolve.
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I am still waiting for a package that is TWO WEEKS late. No one at UPS has responded to tell me what is going on.

I have had ENDLESS problems/delays/frustrations with them.

i just don't know why anyone would choose to use UPS (U stands for USELESS). They can't even provide the basic service of communicating with their customers let alone DELIVER a package.

Way beyond them it seems.

Pathetic company. Worst service EVER.


UPS has the WORST service! When you file a claim against a driver who threw the boxes, used profanity and acted rude they do absolutely nothing. In fact, they call back saying thet just can't *** another driver to your address so basically you are screwed because they will do NOTHING about it.

And the next day the driver will come super late, take pictures of your personal property, i don't know if i should take this issue legal because it is unbearable and i cannot believe they don't care to ruin their company's image with an employee like that and they do nothing about it.

UPS is horrible, the worst customer service in the world. they deliver packages to my address that do not belong to me and the label doesn't even have my address and they deliver my packages to other addresses, they are a mess!!!!!

This employee Jose Saveedra is rude, lazy, disrespectful, and on top of that once you file a claim against this rude person UPS does NOTHING and allow him to keep messing with the customer's packages. He has delivered boxes open, he is the type of employee that NO ONE should hire! Awful!

UPS does not know how to manage issues and does not respect their customers claims or requests!



Be careful...if you complain on here, the UPS employees who troll the board will berate you and talk about tampons...I agree with you...they suck bad, and apparently, they hire employees to reply to others' complaints...a real class act. (see below)


tracking# or,no SOUP FOR YOU


Why would you treat me like that? Did I do something to hurt you?

Actually, that time of the month doesn't come for me, so that's not the correct answer. Nice try, though.

I don't really understand why you would be so nasty to me...unless, of course, you work for UPS, which would explain it. Apparently, this site is not really for people to complain about bad's so others can belittle and hurt the people who do...Great.


Please accept my apology, it's become clear now what the issue was/'s your special time of the month. That explains everything!

My last words of advice for you sweetie, have fun with your aunt flo, and feel free to stick in a tampon anytime.



I HATE SOUP. And I still don't understand why anyone would post a personal tracking number on a site where anyone can read it...I guess that makes me arrogant and ignorant...or just someone who values my privacy.


arrogant and ignorant? Why would I post a tracking number on a site?

I gave the tracking number to UPS 50+ times..why would I post if for you? And it is not the only problem I have had with them...and it was NOT my choice to ship with surepost...and they couldn't even tell me WHICH POST OFFICE THEY DELIVERED IT TOO! So, should I blame the shipper for the UPS supervisor hanging up on my when I asked her name? Is that professional?

Is that good customer service? How does that make me "no smart"..oh I'm sorry...I believe your words were " U not smart", which makes you a freaking genius, doesn't it? Worst customer service ever.

Regardless of the names you decide to call me in defense of UPS...which really, by the way, does a lot for their reputation..calling their customers names..That definitely helps your case. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!


NO soup for you!!!!!!


Now it's clear what the 'problem' was, your shipper used surepost, which is the cheapest possible option and not a true UPS service. Basically it pays for UPS to deliver to the Post Office who then delivers to you. That's why UPS couldn't tell you where the package was exactly...they DIDN'T HAVE IT, they had already transfered it to the USPS.

Your anger is misguided here, tool. You should blame your shipper, or yourself, for choosing the cheapest possible option. UPS did what it was paid to do.

U not smart.

PS. Giving the tracking number at the beginning someone here could have cleared this up for you sooner, you are obviously too ignorant and arrogant to get it though.


And...if there are UPS employees on here, asking for my tracking #, for whatever reason, it's too little, too late. A SUPERVISOR from your customer service dept HUNG UP ON ME WHEN I ASKED FOR HER NAME.

That left a bad enough taste in my mouth to pretty much make me hate UPS forever, regardless of what anyone does from this point forward.

Thanks, anyway. :(


I found the package..actually, my post office found the package for me. It was left at a post office about 40 miles away...which is weird, since there is a post office 1/2 mile down the street from me, and my address is the PO Box at that post office.

So, anyway, the US postal service did what UPS could not. I do not believe in posting tracking numbers on random sites where anyone can see them...that is MY business...thanks anyway, but I don't like soup.


tracker ##pls..If you don't post the # no soup for you!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


tracking #? Really?

I already repeated that tracking # 50 times on the phone. Doesn't mean a thing if UPS doesn't know where that package was left....


tracking #?

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UPS My Choise: awful service

I signed up for UPS MY Choice service and used it to re-route an envelope to a UPS Store 3 days ago (a Sunday morning). I spoke to a representative at UPS on Monday and they informed me that the envelope would be delivered to the UPS Store by the end of day. Monday evening I called the UPS Store since the online tracking had no updated information. The UPS Store informed me that the envelope should arrive to them by Tuesday morning. The UPS Store took my contact information and said they would call me when it arrived. I called the UPS Store at the end of the day Tuesday and the envelope still hadn't arrived. It is now Wednesday and the tracking status still says out with driver for delivery. I called UPS customer service again and they confirmed the status and could not give me an explanation as to why it was not delivered as yet. For your reference, the re-route distance is no more that 5 miles. I have had other problems with UPS this year and I will no longer use their service. FedEx is more expensive but they offer exceptional service.
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UPS my choice is a violation of privacy. Our company offer drop ship for our customers but with UPS my choice the receiver see the Shippers name and drop ship is no longer private.

Our company spend over half of a millions a year with UPS and because of this matter we are now using Fedex.

UPS are *** and will go bankrupt as soon as other company do the same.

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UPS in Melbourne, Victoria - Deliver to wrong address

I ordered an expensive software package from the US to be delivered to an address in Australia. UPS in Sydney then put an incorrect sticker on it to send it to a town over 150km away. I checked the tracking and found this out - phoned UPS and immediately they inferred why can I not go and fetch it at the Post Office it was delivered to (150km from where it was supposed to be delivered). In hindsight it would have been easier to travel the 300 km to fetch the parcel as now after 8 days since I called them and informed them of this issue - they are still trying to find where the parcel is and I am still getting the run around. I am exceptionally angry as this software is needed for my business and I am not facing a delay of over 10 days to implement it - that is if I get it this week. This has real cost implications to me of which I have to cover. I will definitely consider using another shipping agent in the future.
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Uhhh... so UPS had the correct information on the label before it got to Australia, but for some reason once it got to Sydney, the UPS center put a different label on it than the label it originally had?

Sorry but that doesn't happen. For something to be delivered that far away there had to have been an error on the shipper's end. UPS doesn't just randomly stick incorrect addresses on packages, because they don't LABEL packages. That is the customer's job to do, UPS moves the package to the address they have BEEN GIVEN.

Please, use another carrier and then complain again when something goes wrong.

I can promise you will use UPS again, you're just venting which is understandable, someone made a mistake and it is costing you hard dollars.

In no way am I trying to downplay your situation, but I think you can handle this. It's not going to end your life, and God forbid this isn't a perfect world.

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UPS sucks !!!!

They are not flexible. They do not empower they workers. I have had package sent by ups to my work place but they did not deliver it because there was not my name on the door. It is small office in private home without a company name on. More, I add description on ups website "left gate + the owner name which is on the door) it was helpless the same as customer service representatives that strictly follow instruction which unfortunately not always works. I am not going to use ups ever again and I am going always to ask senders to sent it by another delivery company.
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Awesome, so in a week I'll check FedEx and USPS to see you what you are whining about then. Don't worry UPS, the first time FedEx doesn't ring a doorbell Aputnam will use you again.

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