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UPS Sucks and scary

UPS is piece os *** they did that to me twice. the first time the driver didn't even ring my door bells! I was at home the whole day then when I finally got out of the house, I found a notice said that the driver was at my door like 10 mins ago. I called their service, and they told me to pick up my package like 30 miles away! I am just a student that does not have a car, so I ended up canceled my order. Btw, those people in the phone are mean too, and they do not care. now I dare not to shop online just because I am not sure if those online stores are going to ship me the package with UPS, and I don't have time for the nightmare. and forget about the "mychoice" thing too, the web didn't even let me sign up, maybe they want me to pay 40 bucks for a month for it. and don't complain on their facebook page neither, they will delete your post and track down your account to let you get through some "security checks". ( this may sounds crazy, but my facebook account did get checked the day after I posted on their wall) anyway, avoid at all cost, at least that's what I am going to do.
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Urmom, my facebook account got checked the day after I posted on their wall, do u think that is a coincident? I don't think so; I think they are just playing dirty, and that's scary.

and I don't appreciated the kitchen thing, sounds like you never been in a kitchen before?

because your mama cooks everything for you?little boy. :grin


I worked for ups for 25yrs there managers are the most dishonest people in the world If a package get left behind the sheet it as need directions the package never left the building.


Scary??? Maybe you should just stay in your kitchen.

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they lost a package and i have had no response after several attempts to find or be compensated for the loss.i took care of my customer with a back-up shipment via USPS.i have found the standard protocal for UPS is to deny or simply not respond to claims.they are not the organization they used to's been 3 months since the package was lost and avoidance appears to be the tactic.i have some solutions that get results.Small claims court,BBB,and direct complaints to upper management at UPS.i've had some damages denied and sued in the works every time.they cave because they think the average customer will give up.terrible business policy.this company is not even a shadow of what was in the past
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You won't get anything through small claims, clown. If you really had sued many times you wouldn't be posting all over these forums complaining that you are not being compensated and can't get a resolution...those two statements are at odds with onje another...kind of like your split personalities.


The tracking info, including the number.

I've shipped 10s of thousands of packages and never had one get lost. I suspect you are full of the donkey scat.

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lost package,left e-mails and phone message to service response.they did logic tracking which means they actually never scanned it after it's been almost 3 months and all i get is a run around.many stories and no was insured but no step(i recomend)small claims court,BBB and complaints with names of service reps that never responded to the upper management at UPS.the standard company policy seems to be avoid and the customer will give up.what happened to the old UPS you could trust?they have been going downhill for years and when they have a damage or loss it is denied.just more profit for an already greedy company.
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I think now would be a good time to put up some specifics as far as shipping goes.USPS has Priority Flat Rate shipping boxes(free).Unbelieveably reasonable and fast.UPS has Surcharges and added fees for everything,just to add profit to their bottom line.In the mean time they continue with poor service(left a package in the snow w/o covering it this winter)and don't even take care of the packages they are entrusted with.I request either FedEx or USPS when I purchase something,but some still insist on using this Dinosaur of a shipping nightmare.Do yourself a favor and avoid UPS at all cost.They appear to care much more about $$$$$'s than people.


Boycott UPS, check out the facebook page and dont foret to like it.


Wth are you talking about? Incoherent?

Have you read any of your ramblings, cupcake? Then douchester wow sympathizes with you and that somehow proves....what exactly? That you are both delusional. Ok.

Well you can follow the advice that's been given or continue your jousting with windmills. You certainly deserve what you get.

@buddha and wow, sittin in a tr

well,they finally paid after four months of avoidance and neglect.I understand that.UPS has got better things to do than be responsible.There's not much profit in delivering service after you have the money for a job you didn't do.


WOW thank you for your shows that the post are correct and these UPS post with deprecating dialog are truely incoherent.further im not brain dead or's real simple i'm here because i found a format to air my dissatisfaction.i will get this resolved but it won't be from giving info to the people who are not in control of it's outcome.this is more about the policies i've seen and how i've dealt with them in the past and to try and help people deal with the UPS the way i have all the documentation that transpired with everything i've stated,past and present.


Pot, have you met kettle?

@"wow," what does the meaningless post of yours have to contribute?

Bwahahaha, thanks for trying though, sweetheart.

@speaking of ***s

I once again recognise a UPS spinner and your name calling won't even stop any intelligent person from getting the message.UPS is summarily dismissing the claims of evry single person that has some form of loss with them.Basically they feel they are to big to fail.


So apparently you all are the saviors of the pissedconsumer website :grin Why should she have to supply a tracking number to you? This site is for complaining about service or lack of service.

NOT for other posters to "help" her. It's so sad what *** you all are :sigh


people who view this should recognise the UPS(employed) spinners that try to remove the negative comments by "Spinning" and name calling.It might work in politics but I don't believe that the growing numbers of customers that UPS is alienating will buy the spin or believe this tripe.I will continue to expose this lame company and give my business to the USPS.There's a lot of shipping I do and I gladly like the money I save and the service from the USPS.


I thought you weren't going to respond to me again, guess I'm a hard habit to break.

IF you were an employee of UPS it seems you would know what a tracking number is and how the system works, yet you come here incredibly confused, post numerous conflicting rants, claim you have sued (and won) numerous times, yet can't manage to end in required paperwork.

I'll lay it out for you...

Call UPS, 800.742.5877

Refer to your "claim number" and include the TRACKING NUMBER

Ask them to email the form needed to file a claim.

Fill out the paperwork, attach the proof of cost on the product, proof you paid for the shipping, provide the TRACKING NUMBER

Wait for check to come in the mail (10-14 days)

Take check to bank, endorse, hand deposit to teller

Go home, take meds

When check clears go buy a clue.

See, that wasn't very difficult, assuming you actually USE the half a brain I assume you have. Who knows, maybe I'm giving you too much credit. I don't work at UPS, but ship daily, have ad to file a claim in the past and it's not nearly as difficult as you seem to think. It all starts with the TRACKING NUMBER. It's not like we're talking about damage where most people think any kind of packaging will do, IF you have a TRACKING Number, the package shows as a lost package after UPS has done a trace, and you file the required paperwork, you will get paid.

Why is it so hard for you to follow such simple steps?


i thought i could defuse your attack by giving you the pending claim#3638536201 A.this should put your UPS generated spin to bed.this is just more of what i have experienced for the last 3 months.i hope many people are watching this banter because your comments come from your different user names the motive is absolutely clear.Are you watching this America?this is only $80.00+ shipping.what is your problem?you lost my package and refuse to compensate me.


for your insulting comment,i quit and went into business on my own and have been doing very well for almost 30 years.the facts speak for themselves.they lost a package and can't recover it for who knows's real simple,send back my merchandise or pay me.i don't have an"axe" to grind.i know what a co this 1906 founded company has become.i understand how they became so efficent,trustworthy and profitable they grew to was built on their reputation.many people now find them in avoidance tactics.all i really want is to resolve this.the fact is that as long ago as 15 years ago i had to sue we both know UPS is self insured and it appears by denying claims the profits go much is enough.why can,t i have my package back or even get the value of it? don't think your being productive for your i believe this is a thin fasad/spin taken to damage control mode.if you really want to clean up your reputation,take care of your next step will be small claims court.


You are a past employee, likely fired for incompetence, have an axe to grind and think making up stories will get you some measure of revenge.

Well, thanks for finally coming clean and admitting this all never happened.

Case closed.



BBB,i don't know who you are.your comments are demening. i'm not "cupcake" and ***.i used to work for UPS until they took the money train instead of the proud train.secondly,i've been shipping 38 years and can't believe the latest stall tactic.if you are affilated with UPS your aggersive dialog is getting to be a new suprise.if your just a heckler it doesn't change anything.don't post to me again,i'll handle this with the responsible people.really i don't even know who you are!


Wrong answer cupcake. Providing the tracking does not REVEAL anything about you or your recipient, unless we were logged into your account.

Post the info and be proven wrong, or choose not to and we all assume you have something to hide ie you are a liar.

Based on what you have already posted you are obviously confused, my money is on you being dead wrong and/or screwing up something. The shipping process really isn't that difficult, if you have a half a brain.


i'm not comfortable with giving the tracking # on the internet because it reviles my address and also my consignees address.if this is relevant take it to proper channels.if this info is coming from UPS,you are trying to defend your company on a public format.

update.i asked twice for a physical claim form to be mailed to my Po Box today there was nothing waiting for me.perhaps you could e-mail me a contact address so i can keep my information relative to my privacy.


Let's see the tracking the tracking # here. You have lost touch with Buddha or your brain cells.


i supplied tracking number and pending claim # on several occasions.i left my phone # and e-mailed local center rep where package're making excuses and assumptions about my post and you obviously didn't read it.this has all been well i've been promised on two occasions that i would get a claim form mailed that i could fill out and return since for some reason your PDF won't download for has never showed up and if you think i'm going to quit on this your incorrect.i've got documentation on the steps and intentend to keep trying till i get the value of the package and then it's my turn to put this in the hands of some people who can get some answers why your service has become so difficult.i do believe it's a wear em' down tactic.just like every damage claim is denied.UPS self insures and they have everything to gain by protracting an issue.this makes a good case for using the USPS.another issue since we're on the topic of dissatifaction,you have so many surcharges that your prices have gotten much too high and unreasonable.whats with the residental vs business surcharge?whats the difference,you don't get a signature anymore?


What was the tracking number???? Why don't people understand that they MUST provide DETAILS to get help from us??????


whats the tracking number?

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I can't say how horrible the service from the Franklin Park, IL location has been on every level. Not joking here, every single package that gets delivered to me via UPS there is an issue. All involve me waiting over an hour AND THEN they tell me they can't give me my package now I called 20 minutes after the package was supposed to be delivered and this was at 2pm. I immediately called the Franklin Park, IL location directly to talk to them, they said they will put the package on hold and that I can pick it up at 7:30 when the truck arrives. I get there at 7:30 pm and sign their bogus sign in sheet. I wait...and wait...I was told they were just waiting for someone to run and fetch I continue to wait...and wait... 50 minutes later the same lady comes up and says "its on sort" would you like to come back tomorrow to pick it up...DUH, I want it today like I discussed 5 hours ago and was told I could. Apparently someone messed up big time over there and refuses to admit it. This is the common experience with UPS at Franklin Park, IL. Instead of making me wait close to an hour to tell me this BS.
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I know from working there it sucks they treat there workers like *** and they treat peoples shipments like its nothing, i mean they literately throw them in the trucks i don't know how i lasted working there as long as i did and now when i shop online i use USPS at least they dont destroy your purchase.


I tried to generate online shipment for TWO hours on UPS websites and still not able to do it. UPS Website is horrible.





Customer service should be renamed customer disservice. They are dishonest and patronizing.

All they do is blame you or another scapegoat for their errors.

If they can't, they just pass the buck from one department to another within their company. I will avoid making purchases from businesses that ship through UPS in the future.


Every time i get anything delivered via UPS, They try to deliver during the day, but that should be fine, my apartment complex has an office that every other shipper drops packages off at. All but UPS!

I end up having to drive 15 miles to their facility to pick it up myself. WTF! Every time! I pay for shipping, and then I pay for gas and time to go get it from them.

Whats the stink'n point. I hate UPS


I ordered my *** iphone last week you would not believe how many times its got delayed on some *** Your package gt left at a ups facility (well *** go pick my *** up) advise weather delay (*** it was 77 degrees is Lafayette and the sun was shining) *** like that leave that delivering *** to Fedex *** and i still aint got my *** make me go up to the *** office and see




I tried to ship a 2000 dollar coffee table recently. Ups picked it up from my home they lost it, only god knows how u lose something so big.

Then they found it damaged and blamed it on me.

No compensation for shipping or the product. Terrible customer service whom lied to me repeatedly they have made an enemy for life.


your valuable insight speaks volumes of the *** you wear so proudly.


UPS is a *** group of turd colored trucks with little turds driving them


here's the deal, Ayn...

even IF they shipped the same day you ordered, and that's a big if, standard 2 day shipping means 2 BUSINESS days. saturday is not a business day, and while deliveries can be made saturday, it's only if the shipper pays the extra fee required.

that you actually got someone to go out of their way, above and beyond what you paid for speaks of good customer service, not the opposite.

next time you need something by a certain deadline, plan ahead, don't wait 'til the last minute, and/or pay for service level that will help bail out your stoopidity.

dumb@ss look in the mirror, you have only yourself to blame.

@Ayn Hole, misplaced blame

I have Amazon Prime, so I've ordered things from amazon numerous times with 2 day shipping, and usually it means the package will be there within 2 days of the order. No extra fees.

So unless Ayn37 ordered his/her package late thursday night, it should've been there by saturday...

But it's true. Ordering something you really needed 3 days before you needed it was poor planning.

@uh...not always

Add "PO Box None" to your address. Amazon and retailers that use multiple methods will not ship UPS.

The computer will see PO BOX and not give to UPS but the post man will see "none" and ignore.

Adding notes does not help because computers auto sort and cannot read.


I ordered overalls from amazon and paid for 2 day shipping, I ordered it on Thursday so they should of been here on Saturday. I needed these overalls for a mission trip I was going on that Sunday(the next day after they should of been here) the package was supposed to get here a day early and the online tracker said it was in Raleigh.

It never came so we called and they said it was going to sit in the wear house until Monday after I would have left! They said they would unlock it from the wear house but didn't know how to get in the wear house. No one knew the code!!!! I had nothing to wear for the mission trip and wasted 90 dollars on overalls that I would not wear for another year.

I never liked online shopping and now I really hate it. Thanks ups for ruining my mission trip.


ayn you have no idea what your talking about if you ship something 2 day on thursday its going to get there monday,saturday is not a business day


You are so right, and I HATE UPS too. Shut the useless company down who don't do their job anyway, and are brainless scammers.

I didn't make any mistake of wasting my time going far out of my way to their office to collect my item, if they can't do their job as they are paid to, I am not wasting my time and money waiting for them nor making any effort to go out of my way to fetch a parcel they were supposed to deliver anyway! UPS Prats.

I have requested a full refund via the seller of my item since UPS like to tell me they can't refund me as the seller has to request that from them, *** system, customer is always right so they need to learn that important fact too! I filed a claim via since that is where my order originated from.


UPS My choice is marketed as customer-centric but it's basically to make money. I wanted UPS to move a signature-required package to another UPS location (where I work) but it cannot be done.

Unless I pay $5 via UPS My choice to change the UPS customer center.

RIDICULOUS!! What happened to good ol' customer service?


UPS My choice is marketed as customer-centric but it's basically to make money. I wanted UPS to move a signature-required package to another UPS location (where I work) but it cannot be done.

Unless I pay $5 via UPS My choice to change the UPS customer center.

RIDICULOUS!! What happened to good ol' customer service?


for your useless and incorrect analysis.


UPS is a scam, use Fedex or USPS


I ordered a box of chocolates on February 8, 2012 to be sent to my girlfriend in Canada on February 14 for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately UPS was unable to locate the intended address that day. Adding to more chaos, their systems crashed for the rest of that week so I was unfortunately unable to call customer service and complain to them. They were closed on February 20 for President's Day, which was also a holiday for Canada. I made the address change the day after on February 21, and as of Friday, February 24, 2012, UPS still could not even complete the change of delivery address process ( :( *** I'M SURROUNDED BY *** The following chat log is from a live chat I had with a UPS representative on their website. Sorry, but date and time codes have not been recorded. Addresses have been censored and names have been altered to protect identity.

Initial Question: How long does it take to UPS to process a change of address order on a package? Eleazer H.: Hi, this is Eleazer H.. I'll be happy to assist you.

Eleazer H.: Just a moment while I look into that for you.

Edwin: Hi, my name is Edwin and I inquiring about a package I am attempting to send to another address

Eleazer H.: Hi, are you the shipper or receiver?

Edwin: I already had the delivery changed to another address, but I keep receiving emails with the original address, which UPS cannot even deliver

Edwin: I am the shipper

Eleazer H.: Thank you, just a moment while I review your tracking information.

Edwin: thank you

Eleazer H.: Just to make sure, the new address is  ***************************************  

Edwin: yes

Edwin: has anybody even been on route to deliver this package?

Eleazer H.: Unfortunately the address change has not been completed yet, I need to forward your information to the local package center for resolution. Please provide me with the following information:

* Your last name

* The best telephone number to reach you

* Your account number (if you have one)

Edwin: Last Name: ****  Phone Number: (***) ***-**** and I don't have an account number

Edwin: When is my package expected to actually be delivered to that address? I feel like I've been waiting forever for it to sent

Eleazer H.: I'm sorry that your package has not been delivered yet, I will send your information to resolve this. I someone will contact you to follow up on this.

Eleazer H.: It will take me just a few minutes to put this through.  I will be right with you.

Eleazer H.: Just may I have the receiver's phone number, please?

Edwin: *** *** ****

Eleazer H.: Thanks, just a moment please.

Eleazer H.: I have forwarded your information to the appropriate package center for further assistance. You can expect a call today within an hour.  Do you have any other questions?

Edwin: yeah, how did UPS not get the original address I had the package be delivered to?

Edwin: I sent other things through other services with that address, and they all made it there

Eleazer H.: Apparently the original address was not found when driver attempted the delivery, the original address was **************************************, is that the correct address?

Edwin: and this was in Canada, in the ******* province ?

Edwin: all the other services I've used to send gifts were able to find that address

Eleazer H.: I'm truly sorry about this, I already sent the message to complete the address change, do you prefer the delivery at the original address?

Edwin: no, the new address is fine. But why hasn't it already got there yet?

Edwin: how long does the process take to change the address and have it delivered?

Eleazer H.: My systems displays your request, unfortunately has not been completed yet, at this moment I sent the message to the local center to inform that the change has not been completed yet, and they will contact you within one hour to follow up.

Edwin: so it takes a couple of days to process it?

Eleazer H.: I don't have the information, the person who will contact you is going to confirm the delivery information.

Edwin ok, so it is expected to be delivered sometime next week?

Eleazer H.: We will try to deliver your package as soon as possible, I sincerely apologize that I don't have that information available, I will ask you to please wait for the contact that you will receive, and the person who will speak with you is going to confirm the delivery information.

Edwin: thank you, I appreciate your time

Eleazer H.: You're welcome. Have a good weekend.

You have disconnected.


I have issues with UPS Franklin Park, IL. branch where I have been threatened by an alleged supervisor .

After tracking the package yesterday for some unknown reason the package was rescheduled. Now today I have been home again all day and just so happens I look at the time which was 6:55 pm central standard time and track this specific package again and to no surprise it says 1st attempt made @ 6:49 when no bell was rung nor a notice left. This person never came.

This location is so ghetto I wouldn't be surprised is they all smoked or was selling crack right out of the building. And this is the third or 4th package with THE worst customer service better the worst service I have ever encountered ....ever!

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I am waiting for a UPS delivery. Tracked on the website that it was going to be delivered on 20th Feb. Having had bad experience with UPS before, i called around noon to make sure that it was going to be delivered. I was assured that delivery was going to happen...
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UPS are Liars and Provided Horrible Service to Me!

Bought a cool Parrot AR Drone for Son's Birthday Tomorrow. Been following package tracker, meant to arrive today - it said earlier on tracking site - since I'd paid for it today (Birthday tomorrow), supposedly an attempt was made at 5pm yet me and my wife we were both here at the house. No Package nearby or note through door. Supposedly, he attempted to deliver and now I have to wait for tomorrow. And can't even specify time. Inconvinience for me in the first place, another inconvienience waiting till tomorrow. Driver just wanted to be off shift, liars! Dirty rotten liars! Extremely unfair! *** man, just kept saying "As I say, cant do anything tonight. Oh yeah, and we can't refund you" Paid the money for quick delivery and puts me out, twice! Don't use them, its ***-poor!
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UPS in San Jose, California - Three - in a row - horrible experiences

The first experience was about a month ago. UPS delivered my package to a two-year old address and said I should wait to see if someone returned it. I finally had to drive miles away and luckily the person had the package. The second experience was when they told me they attempted delivery at my workplace and argued me back and forth that they tried. Not true. We have had the same UPS driver for over five years - everyone knows him - and he did not come that day. Again, I had to drive to their main office on a Friday night to get my package. The third time - today, they delayed delivery by two days. Our offices were closed and I was not allowed to make any arrangements to pick up my package. I do not plan on purchasing from anyone who uses UPS as a shipper.
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UPS says they delivered, but didn't

I was watching the tracking of a package to be delivered. They said that at 4:00 pm it dropped off at the front door. My mother inlaw was watching TV in the living room at that time and our dog is neighborhood watch,Mom didn't see or hear the ups truck come by. UPS has about the worst website to get any info other than that their confirmation is the word of their driver, also can't get in touch with a live person to find out what happened and who did they give my new computer to.
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UPS packages thown over fence into mud.

Today while at work I saw a UPS employee throw two large packages over a six foot fence into a muddy yard and drive away. I was appalled. This happened in Chicago and the license number was 1319. Over Christmas I was sent a package by my Mother. She's a little elderly and sent it to my old address. The UPS driver dropped it off there anyways, even though our name hasn't been on the mail box for over two years. The package was worth $300 and was never seen again. JC Penny replaced the package. What in the world is going on? I've always used UPS, but maybe not any more.
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You mailed something to an address. They delivered it.

Endgame. You failed.


you sent it to your old address and it's the drivers fault??Way to blame ups for your fuckup..DUMDASS *** PEOPLE..

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Of the 3 "attempts to deliver" my package UPS never rang my doorbell nor did they knock at my door. There is no excuse. I kept a watchful eye out two of the days that I ended up getting that goddam yellow slip. I will never use UPS again if I can help it. The my choice program is a joke and an attempt to extort $40 from the customer. DO NOT USE UPS in CHICAGO. Use FedEX, USPS, DHL, or some other service if possible. You will have a greater chance at receiving your package. DO NOT USE UPS IN CHICAGO!
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