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UPS Insurance-Don't waste your money.

My father passed away last summer and my sister wanted a $5,000 stone sculpture that has become a bit of a family heirloom. I personally dropped it off at the UPS store and clearly explained how fragile and valuable it was. They assured me they ship this type of thing all the time and it would get there safely. This scuplture is unreplaceable and we got the insurance as a safegaurd. The scuplture was damaged beyond repair. Picutures were sent clearly showing the damage and they have refused our claim. It has been 6 months of haggling with UPS with no reimbursement. Will not use them again.
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you did not buy insurance, you bought declared value coverage, subtle but important difference.

another fyi, anything packed by a UPS store is guaranteed to have a claim paid, it's part of their franchise agreement, shipping agreement with UPS and/or their cdv agreement.

that's not to say that UPS won't stall and delay, or that you won't have to show proof of value, but the store should be the advocate in this situation-that's part of their purpose.

if on the otherhand YOU packed it, all bets are off and you will be lucky is you get anything.


hire an attorney and threaten to sue. Or, sue yourself in small claims court.

if you use an attorney, since it is not only valuable but has family and sentimental value and is irreplaceable, go for the value of the item PLUS compensation for grief, loss of connubial bliss, etc, etc. Make them pay for your loss

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UPS Driver endangerring public

We live is a quiet community with house quite far appart - Quiet until the UPS driver take the secluded road for race tracks. Caught one yesterday raving its engine for a full dragster race. Smoke the tires over 50 or 70 yards to reach a speed of 45 mph. Called UPS 800 number to report the incident (not the first time) - They indicated that I would be contacted by the local branch, which didn't happened. They refursed to give me a complaint reference number nor they were able to tell me who they were contacting nor what my local branch was. This company is useless when comes to customer service, they sway you off with no regards for the potential tragic consequences they driver may cause.
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must be using an illegal turbocharger on that brown delivery truck!!! drove them for a couple years and you couldn't get one to burn out even on a bet!!!


the trucks at ups dont do burn outs ***


ridiculous! there is no way you're going to get a commercial vehicle, laden with freight or not, to smoke the tires.

you are obviously oblivious. thanks for the laugh though, ya tool.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :x :x :cry :cry :cry :cry

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Misdirected UPS packages

This has happened for the third time--someobody else's package, clearly marked to another address, has appeared on my porch. This time two of the house numbers are transposed--dyslexia, I guess. I know from experience that my choices are to spend half an hour of run-around on the phone with them to get them to go come get it, or just re-deliver the thing myself, which I resent since I have bad arthritis and don't work for the UPS, or just open it up and see if it's anything I want. If their delivery people are going to be this inept, the least they could is provide an easier system for correcting their continual errors. Maybe an email address, clearly indicated on shipping label.
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UPS has lost a package. They are saying that they dropped it at my local post office yet the post office shows no record of it.. I have spent the last week trying to get info on a lost package. The UPS people are extremely rude and refuse to do anything to help in the situation. It took me a week to get to a supervisor, she was the worst of all of them. I will be using FedEx from now on. SHAME ON YOU UPS...GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND MAYBE YOU SHOULD CONSIDER HIRING EMPLOYEES THAT ARE CUSTOMER FRIENDLY !
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They are bad


The UPS web site stinks. Information gets deleted when using the "back button".

Data can't be restored. Can't go back a line, etc.


i agree about ups...what a slacking bunch of idiots. can't tell ya how many times they've screwed up my deliveries. pete, my friend you sound like you belong with 'em


"Pete" YOU should get a life. You haven't a clue what you are talking about.

Given that you MUST work for UPS. Get the facts before you mouth off...UPS wasn't suppossed to deliver the package to the house.

They were supposed to take it to the post office. D A


your package will be there Monday at if you miss it to bad. we'll send it back after a few attempts.. you don't a life; so you can wait all day for an package.




Wish it was that simple. We don't get post office delivery at the house.

UPS says they gave package to PO. PO signed for package but said it was never scanned at the facility.

Both blaming the other...meanwhile I'm the one who gets messed over. To top it off the shipper isn't helping out....but that's another story.


The Post Office lost your package. Why is that the fault of UPS?

If your shipper uses smart post or basic shipping (the cheapest available options), then UPS delivers your item to the post office who then delivers to your house.

Sounds like UPS did it's job, now the post office has to figure out where your trash is.

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UPS in Tacoma, Washington - Interception if customer not happening

Very simply- I ordered a part for my motorcycle, paid for 2 day delivery- shipped out on a Friday, it stayed at the transfer location in Kentucky for the whole weekend. Fine- I'm thinking if I can intercept it and have it stopped at the local UPS delivery hub I can then go down, pick it up, and get my motorcycle back on the road a day early because UPS residential delivery is always the last on the list. So I go all over the website and I can't get any help. I sign up for their "Customer Tracking" database and I'm thinkin "Great! This will let me stop the shipment..." WRONG! I call up their (800) number for help- I'm talking to a woman who can't speak english, zarking wonderful! I tell her my problem, she says "You have to contact the shipper" and I'm like "we're talking a big company- just like you- with a peabrain- just like UPS and they're not going to change that just because I call". *Big sigh* Screw UPS- now I have to wait an extra day- total of 5 days when I paid for 2 day shipping thanks to those ***.
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You paid for 2 day shipping (2 business days) it left Friday it should come Tuesday.


The sender is the only person who can authorize a package intercept. This information is clearly available on their website.

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UPS driver stole my 27Inch Apple IMAC, says he delivered it behind a garbagecan, tries to re-sell it at AMAZON & UPS refuse to compensate me. The driver is a thief! Why leave such a large item in it's original manufacturer box careless on the first delivery attempt? ...
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LOL at all the loser UPS drivers on here

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The Lying UPS Driver and management

I live in Norfolk Virginia and I order a lot of things online because I am disabled. The one of the UPS drivers here ( a middle aged white guy) would rather leave a fraudulent "attempt notice" then to walk up a flight of stairs with a package. If you call UPS to are told by the woman at the distribution center that you can just arrange to go to their location and pick your package up. Is she crazy? I don't know about you...but after I have paid extra for shipping charges...I really don't see the point in having to hobble over to their UPS distribution center: especially since I was at home each time that this lying UPS driver claims to have been unable to make his delivery. (During this same period I have gotten timely deliveries from both the post office and Fedex...So why not UPS?) I have complained enough times about this particular driver to know that his Norfolk supervisors don't care what he does. I am writing now because today I finally found a way to handle this situation. I called the store from whom I had made my purchase explained the problem that I was having with UPS and cancelled the order. At first the store wanted me to wait until the package was delivered back to them ...but after I explained to them that I never got the package and that UPS was their (the store's agent, not mine)...They immediately reimbursed my money and I made my purchase elsewhere with an online company that does not use this local UPS!
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You did a great move. Big bravo!

Hopefully the store will receive all the complaints about UPS low quality services so they start taking action, and why not stop using UPS.

I admire you! I wish everyone finds time to report their bad experience with UPS.

I will never use UPS again.

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I also will never UPS again

I have been trying to have a package delivered for days at a time I am home. I've paid the extra amount to schedule my delivery, but, of course the driver comes in the two hours I am not home. When calling to speak to someone, they text the driver to do a second attempt, but, they can't tell me if he/she will. While I can have it at will call, they can't tell me when it will be there because they have not idea when the driver is going to arrive. In other words, they continue on a vicious circle without any assistance or recommendation about how to obtain this package.
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I had a lenovo laptop being shipped to me via UPS. I was at home whole day on the delivery but by some miracle UPS missed to find me. I live on the 3 floor and UPS driver didnt even bother to come up to my door. I only found an info notice stuck on my mailbox later(...
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the shipper requested the pkg be returned. call the shipper and ask why...

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$96 to overnight a letter, & after 3 hours of phoning UPS

Update by user Mar 21, 2012

correction: ship date 3/16/2012, not 3/17/2012

Original review posted by user Mar 21, 2012

For 25+ years I used Fed Ex for overnight documents. 3/17/2012 first time sending through UPS (documents, not package) from L. A. to a Canada. Paid $50 at a UPS Store (Owned by Mailbox Etc. Not owned by UPS). Package was 24 hours late. The Canadian UPS driver demanded another $46 for "Canadian Custom Import Duty". Recipient business paid. Charged me back for it. (total cost $96.) 3 hours of phoning to the original shipper- UPS Store in L.A. area, UPS United States Operation, UPS International Operation, UPS Canadian Operation, even Canadian Border Service Agency (Canadian custom)... all declined responsibility to look into the problem. My own investigation reviewed that thhe problem turned out to be someone, not a computer at UPS decided that my letter has a value of $750, and therefore Canadian custom assessed an import duty of $46. !!!! All the documents prepared by the local UPS store (shipper) was labelled "Document, Value $0.00". I as the customer who ended up paying the total bill, has no right to ask UPS for an investigation or launch a complaint. Only the recipient in Canada that received the package can ask for an investigation !!!! That recipient said they may charge me more if they have to spend hours on the phone with UPS..... Everyone, if you think shipping packages using UPS is bad, they cannot even handle shipping a letter correctly !!! I even called Canada Border Service Agency (Canadian custom), they said UPS have such problems.... does he mean ripping off customers? No one at any levels of UPS could tell me where to call except to deny, and blame the other parties, and said that there is nothing they can do because I am not the recipient. ........Finally after 25 phone calls, I found a very apologetic lady from the UPS Broker Service in Canada. She issued me a refund (have not received it yet) and said the only person that could have hand written down a value of $750.00 is someone working inside UPS USA. By the time UPS Canada received my package, it is already marked "Value $750"...
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mike, try googling the phrase "dimensional weight."


Lady what is your problem? Ups admitted the mistake and is sending you a check.

Sounds like they owned up and apologized. Bad luck with having a bad experience out of the shoot but alls well that ends well, I meanj except for the part about you needing a tampon change.


Dude you are full of donkey scat.

Pricing at ups stores for shipping is exactly the same as What I'm sure you failed to do online was enter the dimensions. That would have given you the correct price online as well. I checked at and a package with those specifics, from bitchmond to a phoenix business address it was $59. If I used a residential address and had the correct zip code I'm sure it would have been exactly what you paid.

Too bad you can figure out how to post on this site but not operate the ups site properly.

You're a tool.


Best to deal directly with UPS. The stores are normally a franchise.


Went to a UPS store in Richmond IN. to ask about the rate to ship a package to AZ.

The package weighed 10 lbs. and was 48"X 21"X 7". The lady said it would be $69.50. I asked if the was a cheaper rate and was told no.

I went home and went to and checked the rate and found that I could have shipped it for $17.50. I will never use a UPS store again!!!

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