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UPS is like a mafia ops !

Had a shipment sent from the Netherlands to Cambodia. Story is long, but suffice to say they are now asking me more than 100 % of shipment value, to have my stuff delivered, without any justification ! They also say I cannot refuse delivery and have the stuff sent back to shipper ! UPS customer service continues to tell me to contact their agent... who is exactly who I am having problems with !! They are making me crazy and I really feel I am in the hands of extortionists. Don't use UPS, it might be cheaper than competitors, but it seems to me as ' organized crime"!
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How does UPS know when to *** me?


Update by user Jan 26, 2018

Never updated. Never contacted by UPS.

No resolution nor refund offered.

Tptally unresponsive to questioning. Now will use then only under duress.

Original review posted by user May 16, 2012

WHY? In the name of Jesus H. Christ and all the Apostles, WHY can't they deliver on time? How do they know that your missing the delivery WHICH I PAID DEARLY FOR will *** me beyond belief, yet non time sensitives show up the next day. From NJ to DFW, overnight I get. But I PAY for expedited delivery and they *** up by the numbers? I am less than 4 miles from the major hub center center. The 5 pound package was tracked as "out for delivery" this morning (due at my door at 10:30 today). Now it is "rescheduled" for tomorrow. My package is on some trailer somewhere, and I'm out $750 air fare (cancel what I have, wait for the UPS guy to assle by tomorrow, then pay some ungodly airfare since I am now a walkup). AND THEY WANT TO GIVE ME *** ABOUT ASKING FOR A REFUND! FedEx isn't much better. Had the same kind of incident last week. So I changed to UPS. From now on I think I will just fly and pick up my equipment at the factory.
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Reason of review
Problem with delivery

UPS in Madrid, Madrid - My order was from UK to Spain it never arrived

I ordered on line for plants from UK. apparently they did make it to Spain, but UPS claimed not to have delivery address, first lie, my fone number, second lie, my E mail address, third lie; I understand they have sent me a postcard, which I am still waiting for. I had to cancel the order, therefore their customer lost a customer. I have tried to find out a directors name and e mail address this appears to be impossible. Great publicity for the company as I would never use them. Obviously I would reccomend any friends not to use them, expensive and totally unreliable.
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Perhaps he was once told he was "scrawny". ;)------------------scrawny [ˈskrɔːnɪ]scrawn yadjective /ˈskrf4nē/ swiecnrar, comparative; scrawniest, superlative(of a person or animal) Unattractively thin and bony(of vegetation) Meager or stuntedWeb definitionsscrawny - scraggy: being very thin; "a child with skinny freckled legs"; "a long scrawny neck"scrawny - inferior in size or quality; "scrawny cattle"; "scrubby cut-over pine"; "old stunted thorn trees" - Variations in the physical appearance of humans, known as human looks, are believed by anthropologists to be an important factor in the development of personality and social relations, in particular, physical attractiveness. - Thin, malnourished and


There's probably more to this story I'm guessing. Most countries don't allow live plants to be imported by an individual.

It probably got seized by customs. Nothing you can do really.

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UPS in Ardmore, Oklahoma - Killed my Boxer,in my driveway not on road!!!

I have a pet safe containment system for my dogs so that they stay in the yard. When UPS comes up my driveway the dogs go meet them. But they don't come up the driveway slow due to being on a time schedule! On 5/10/12 my dog was ran over by UPS. This driver has made many deliveries to us and was aware how the dogs ran out to the truck. I think if he had slowed down this could of been prevented! But does UPS care -NO- just deliver fast!! The package was for the dog. The driver apologized and I believe he meant it but that won't bring my dog back! I blame UPS and their policy. No matter what deliver on time no matter what the drivers load is. Too much pressure on the drivers causes stress and not enough thinking time.
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If your dog was on your property it does not need to be on a leash!!! UPS should put their money where their mouth is and give some money to this person to prove how sorry they are!


I am sorry for your loss. It sounds like your dog was on your property and the UPS driver was driving on your property, then the UPS driver had a responsibility to approach at a safe speed and yield.

The UPS driver may want to rethink on how fast he should be driving up someone's driveway.

It's bad enough he killed your beloved dog, next time it could be a small child.

anon, Perhaps you belong on huffington post,that's where most of the *** offs hang out.


In reference to comment by anon in Florida. First of all 350.00 was spent for a pet safe unit to keep my dogs within 100 yards of our home.My husband is a truck driver and on the road alot and that leaves me alone.

These dogs are great protectors and company.Second,I never knew when UPS was coming.I informed the driver if he called first I would put the dogs indoors, but this never happened! Also the driver had said this was not the first time.Packages are replaceable animals are not, but you wouldn't know that!! And do you really believe UPS would change because of a dog---REALLY!!!

Take your frustration out on UPS not my dog he didn't make your package late and if so it will never be late again,because he's gone. May god bless you.


I don't want my package delivered late because some *** can't keep their dog on a leash or indoors.

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UPS in New Providence, New Jersey - Refused to serve me saying he had no time, and I could come bvack later or go elsewhere

This is one of those UPS places. I went there to return one of my JC Penny caltaloguue purchases since JC Penny had tied up with them to faciliate free returns and exchanges of things bought online. I go and there is no one. I wait for 10 min, after which the owner (named Pankaj Teli) walks in. I hand him my merchandise with the invoice that came with it and then says he cannot see any price on it. I told him that was the only slip that I got from JC Penny other than my electronic recepipt. He says it will take him a long time to refund theat return since he will have to talk to a JCP representative about it, and started attending to the customer behind me in line. I told him if he had a computer, I could send him the elcetronic receipt if that helped (rememebr though this was all through no fault of mine). he refused saying computer was for internal use only. He told me I could either come back later, or got to another store if I was in a hurry. They happen to be the only ones offering this service for JCP witin a 10 mile. SO my only option now is to keep putting up with his obnoxious and unprofessional behaviour, so make the 10 mi. trip every time I have to use this service. I may as well stop buying from JCP online.
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My comment back to UPS -- this is not my first issue....

5/9/12 To: The Robbers who are AKA UPS From: Angie Skochdopole Re: $3.38 Invoice I received the enclosed invoice for $3.38 from you for no apparent reason. I will not be paying you an additional $3.38 for anything. And, I will NEVER be using UPS again in the future due to the horrible service I experienced with trying to use you to return something to Home Decorators. I want you to cancel my "account" and take me off any further correspondence or communication or "customer list", as I will never be a customer of yours again. I had a horrific experience with your Web site, and UPS in general in the process of trying to return some things from a vendor who required a UPS return. I will no longer be using that vendor either – b/c I do not want to be bound to sending returns via UPS. I have already paid more to return the merchandise than the merchandise even cost! I will no longer be ordering anything from any online or catalog vendors that use UPS for shipping – and, I am a huge online shopper. So, please take me off any list I am on within UPS. Please shove this $3.38 charge up your collective ***, and leave me alone in the future, as I would rather eat my young than have any experience with UPS in the future.
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UPS in Baltimore, Maryland - Could not provide me with a resolution today

I switched my days off so that I may sit home and wait for my package to be delivered. I sat home, in silence, all day browsing the internet to insure that I would not miss this delivery. I even have 2 dogs who bark at the drop of a hat, when they hear a noise. My package was delivered by UPS at 1:39pm. At this time they even dropped off another package that I had been expecting. He dropped this in my door. He never knocked. Placed the UPS shipment attempt on my outside window. My fiancé notified me of the failed attempt at approx. 215pm. At which point I contacted UPS immediately. Conveniently, no phone # for UPS is included on this delivery slip, so I had to look up UPS' Contact info on the internet. I was told by the 1st person i spoke to (@: 800.742.5877), that the driver made an attempt. i explained how I had been sitting here all day awaiting this packages arrival, and even explained that he had placed another package in my door. I asked if the driver could make another attempt, that I would even pay for this 2nd attempt out of my own pocket. I explained how I switched days off, and how I would not be home the next 2 days to accept this package. i was told that I could make a complaint about the drivers not knocking. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was then asked for my name and phone #. I asked if I could pick this package up from their facility this evening and was told that the shipper had made a restriction. I hung up. I called the shipper of my package, who was Christian Louboutin's Boutique. I asked if they could remove the restriction from my package so that I might be able to pick up my package from the UPS facility this evening due to my demanding work schedule. She was very understanding and stated that she made those changes with UPS. I called UPS back at the above mentioned 800 Line. I spoke to another Customer Care Rep. I explained to her that I had just spoken to a gentleman there who told me that I needed to contact the shipper in hopes of being able to pick up my package from their UPS facility. I explained that the shipper had made the changes to the package and that I should be able to pick this package up today. She stated that the shipper changed this to "Will-Call," and that due to this I would not be able to pick this package up until tomorrow evening. But, she immediatley contradicted herself and stated that sometimes the facility will make an exception and allow me to pick up today. I asked how can I have this exception made, since I only really have time today to deal with all of this, again explaining how I re-arranged my work schedule? She stated it was up to the facility. I asked if she could transfer me to the 3901 Vero Road Facility so that I might see if this "exception," could be made. She said that she had no contact information for this location. Really? Again, I utilized the internet in hopes of finding a phone # for this location. I found 2: 410.455.8200 & 8201, both of which had only busy signals to offer me upon calling them. Again, frustrated by my numerous attempts at a resolution, i called the 800# again. I spoke to another lady, and explained the entire situation. She stated the shipper had made it so that I could pick up my package. I asked if I drive 35 minutes to their UPS drop-off location, if I was guaranteed to be given my package this evening. She stated that she could not guarantee this. I asked "Why Not?" She started to offer me policy verbatim. I explained to her, how demanding my career is, and how I do not have time to drive there tomorrow, and that I needed her to speak directly with the Vero Road Facility so that she could guarantee me, after driving there, that I could leave with my package. She told me that she could send them a 'message," and have someone contact me. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I held for 5 minutes. The same Customer Care Lady picked up, and I asked her if she had sent the Vero Road Location a message yet to get this ball rolling? She said she did not. I asked her to do that, while I was on hold waiting for her Sup. She said she would. She placed me back on hold. Then the 'supervisors," Voice Mail picked up as opposed to the actual supervisor. I could not get this supervisors name, as she stated this very fast and in a thick accent. I left the supervisor a message, of which her VM would not allow me to leave my situation in detail as it only gave me 30 seconds to speak. I explained how I would just like a guarantee that if I drive to this facility that I would be guaranteed my package tonight. My overall complaint is with UPS as a whole. Firstly, with the UPS driver of which obviously has some sort of silent ninja skills, and did not knock on my door, even after placing a different package inside my storm door and front door. And, with the lack of customer service and options I received when contacting UPS directly through their 800 Line. What sort of company can't put a customer into contact with one of their facilities in hopes of my resolving this issue today, considering I do not have a free schedule to deal with this the rest of the week? This is a very expensive package, and I find it extremely disheartening that they could not put me into contact with someone who could resolve my issue locally and in a timely fashion, especially when there are so many other shipping companies out there. Basically, asking me to drive to Baltimore, when It wasn't guaranteed that they would provide me with my package. And, why could they not guarantee this? Do they expect customers to believe that there is no way to dispatch out to the drivers to find out when they would be back to their Vero Road location? And, why can't customers speak directly with Vero Road, since locally I need to deal directly with them in hopes of receiving my package? it seems as though there are to many hoops and policy verbatim, when all i needed was a simple guarantee that I could have this tonight. Why could they not do this? Many people have things delivered everyday. Some of these things are very important. Not customer friendly or able to provide a one stop resolution to my problem.
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UPS in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Refused package arrives back at my door

So, I made a mistake when placing an order that was being shipped to me via UPS. I realized I made an error when selecting my product, so the company told me to refuse delivery and UPS will ship it back. I called UPS to understand the procedure: when the package arrived, I wasn't to open it, but needed to call UPS to "Refuse Delivery/Return to Shipper." Great! I called, scheduled delivery and left my package on the porch. UPS never arrived. I called again, rescheduled the pick-up, package on porch, and went to work. When I came home, package was gone (yayyy!!!) Next day, came home and package was BACK on my front porch (why, dear God, why??) Called UPS, rescheduled delivery, package on porch again (and told them I was going out of town for a week.) UPS assured me the package would be picked up. A week later, came home from and was greeted by the SAME *** PACKAGE!! It never left my front porch. The package finally left today...but it may return tomorrow (I'm not hopeful...)
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UPS in Atlanta, Georgia - Never deliver when they say

I was excepting a package from ups on a Thursday i wasnt going to be home on that day si i decided to pay for my choice to bring my package on Friday I waited all day nobody came i didnt get no notice stating why I called they dont know anything either and they kept my money and hung up on me its awful and i hope that they get better and other times ill be at home and dont hear a knock and later i will see the sorry i missed you noteif they know or not they're wasting they're own time
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Update by user Jun 07, 2012



Original review posted by user May 07, 2012

I bought a laptop from Tiger Direct and they used UPS for shipping. The online tracking shows delivered but I never received the item and there were no signature on file. I filed a claim and they said they did an investigation. The investigation concluded that the item was delivered. How is that possible if I never received the item and I did not signed for it? It could be the delivery guy who took it and I would never know. I bought stuffs online a lot and most of the time UPS just leave boxes in the open. This company is ridiculous and unreasonable. I'LL NEVER USE THEM!
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