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So I ordered a part to get my jeep running from a guy in Florida. On the 15th of this month, it says it shipped and on the 16th, it was en route to Vernon, CA. I checked everyday to see if the status had changed. 17th, Vernon. 18th, Vernon. 19th, Vernon and 20th, still Vernon.

So I decided to call UPS customer support to ask them why the status hadn't been updated at all but all I got was an excuse saying they do not have any way of contacting the driver and that if I want to start an investigation, I should call the shipper and have him call UPS to find out more information.

I'M THE ONE WHO PAID FOR THE SHIPPING!!!!!! Why can't I get the information I need from them? I just checked the status again and it still says enroute to Vernon, CA since 8-16-11 at 10:49 am.

I need to get my jeep running and it seems to me UPS is milking this delivery as much as possible and that's not cool. This is definitely the last time I buy anything from anyone that uses UPS as the shipping courier.

What *** me off more is that I paid $15 to basically be irritated and Jeep less. I hate UPS and will stick with USPS from now on.

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Shipping from Florida to California by ground takes one full week (5 days transport plus a weekend).

If your item shipped on the 15th it should arrive on the 22nd.

What the other poster said is exactly right.

It's obviously a computer glitch but obviously looks bad. But you can't honestly think your package traveled coast to coast in one day when you're getting a package by ground.


I had this issue once. It ended up being that when a package is tracked, it is tracked in noe of 2 ways..physical scan or computer scan.

This piece I'm sure was a computer scan. No excuse but the center it was last at needs to be called.

You can ask cusotmer service for their number. Nothing is worse then a call froma customer yelling!

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