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these boxes look like they were rolled end over end. all four corners on all four boxes were crushed.

this is stereo equipment in the original box showing its new stereo equipment and they just beat them to death. the cd changer hit so hard it crushed the 3 inch thing foam corner. this stuff is pretty tough and cd changer only weighs 6 pounds. the receivers corner was crushed, its packing was trashed.

the turntable box looks to have had the least damage and the turntable looks ok. the playstation box was inside a bigger box that took a pounding, the inner box was so distorted that the corner flaps were ripped. and the controller and cables were flopping around inside the bigger box.

these can from 3 different places over two days and only have the driver in common. i am putting video cameras up on my porch before i receive replacements

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problem with delivery of ups shipping. UPS needs to "im going to drive to nashville and exchange these item so i dont have to deal with this horrible driver, i will never order anything of value again if shipping is ups" according to poster's claims.

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Do they work?

The shipper should have been cautious by not shipping the items without an external box.

Or it could be the shipper's fault that the packaging started off that way.

Btw, its just packaging. The important part is that the contents work.


Packages get beat to death before the drivers even see them. They get loaded beat up. Best bet for electronics especially heavier ones is brick and mortar always.


I wouldn't put all the blame on the driver - It's a group effort! The drivers in my area seem to take great care in packages.

I've had several deliveries from UPS, FedEx, USPS, all with crushed in sides/corners. Not all, maybe 3-5%.

I suspect that it's after it leaves the factory/whse.

Many places use a service to transport from the Factory/Whse to the shipper. In any event, some people just have no sense of pride, or care that these packages are actually someones personal property.

I've tried to track this down, and no-one knows when it happened!

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