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UPS - Unbeleivably Bad Customer Service

We are having a table delivered from Canada. My wife and I both work. I tried to log on to the UPS website, it would not process the information. I called international customer service. The tracking recognition software, failed to understand the tracking number three times. When I was finally connected to a human being, she insisted that an attempt would be made to redliver the package the following day, even though I explained nobody woudl be home. When I asked that the package be delivered on a specific day when we would be home the best she could say is that it would be sometime between 9am and 7pm and refused to be more specific. When I called a second time to confirm that it had indeed to be scheduled for the agreed too specific day, the customer service rep could find no reference, and was told it would probably wind up at a distribution center 50 miles from where I live - and that there was no number to contact them at either. When I asked to speak to a supervisor none was available. In my opinion UPS is one of the most *** organizations I have ever dealt with
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  • UPS delivery failure

Another could care less company, UPS

Checked scheduling on my package and it said before the end of the day. The day came and went. I checked the tracking again and it had been changed to left package at the distribution center. I called and the only answer I could get was it was left at the distribution center. I asked if they could go back and get it since I live less than 2 miles from it but they said there was nothing they could do. More and more companies just don't care anymore. I will boycott them as long as I can. There should be a national boycott day for companies like this.
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UPS in Lancaster, South Carolina - Insurance is no insurance

Seller paid for shipping and glass was damaged in box. UPS states that unless they can look at the package, they won't insure. They waited 2 weeks to contact me, and though I took pictures of the box and all labels, they won't reimburse for the damage or reimburse seller for the insurance. After UPS telling me they would call me back after I complained, they didn't and when I called I was on hold another 10 minutes while I waited for a supervisor. Don't use UPS and don't use their insurance if you do. They have no integrity as a company!
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To start you off, it's not insurance, it's called "Declared Value" works exactly as you would think though. However, they only pay out the claim if it is packed properly.

They don't have to come in person to inspect, they can simply do an "over the phone interview" on how it is packed. If you tell them "well it's a shoebox and there's some newspaper..." then they will deny it immediately. If you tell them "it's a new corrugate box, bubble wrap and a bunch of packing peanuts" they will approve the claim. If this never happened then I recommend that you have the shipper call UPS and tell them that there was never any form of inspection yet the claim has been denied, they will probably have someone come out and inspect it and determine how it was packed.

Based on their inspection, they will determine if the shipper will be reimbursed.

UPS is as good as FedEx and better than the USPS when it comes to claims.

UPS provides $100 of "insurance" on every package standard. There's no way around that.

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UPS-Home, no delivery and returned to shipper

I ordered a package and they sent it UPS. I was going to be home all day on a Tuesday, so I paid $5 to have the package delivered that day. I also released so the package could be dropped at the door. I was upstairs so as soon as I saw the alert I could just come down. They put a failed attempt notice on my door and took the package. I called and explained and they they said it was my fault for not leaving another note. I was like okay, I will have it delivered on the following Tuesday. Paid another $5 to do that and instead they returned it to the shipper. So I had to call and try and get it reshipped. The tracking info they gave the company who sent it said they tried twice to deliver it then shipped it back. So they lied to cover their butts. In the end, I had to call 6 different people for their mistake and finally just got it reordered now I have to wait anther two weeks. They have no sense of customer service and made me feel terrible and anxious over a delivery.
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  • Returned to shipper

UPS - Home and NO DELIVERY!!!!

The package was supposedly delivered yesterday (Monday) at 6:32PM and by that time there are at least 3 people at my home that can hear any knock on the door. Aside from that knowing that I won't be home, I left 3 POST-IT notes at different possible drop off that states "PLEASE LEAVE THE PACKAGE AT THE DOOR". Came home and found nothing delivered!!! The next day tracking says the package was out for delivery since 6 AM and I got home at 640pm. There was NO PACKAGE STILL!! Call customer service and the woman told me everything I could of figured out myself and NO HELP. She said the package is still out for delivery even if its pass 7pm and 30 minutes later I checked my tracking and an ATTEMPTED WAS MADE AT 650pm!!!! HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPPEN!!?!? WORSE *** SHIPPING COMPANY EVER!!! Still waiting for them to call me tomorrow because apparently theres no way to contact the driver!!!
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same thing happened to me as well, they left a note on my door stating that they would come on a day and crossed out the previous day, I came home on the day they said they would come and found a note that they already came the day they said they wasn't going to come............worse company ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :sigh :?


Same thing happened to me twice, the woman knew I was in a wheelchair and said why don't I try to bring it to a store, that they don't have to come to my house and go to fed ex.

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UPS in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania - FedEx is my preferred method of shipping

So, I moved down here from Erie, where I had a huge problem with UPS. That's neither here nor there, but I was already wary of how awful UPS is. Oh, you're not here from 2-5 PM because you work? Okay, we'll try again tomorrow WHEN YOU ARE AT WORK AGAIN. blah, blah, blah. So, I had a package coming that I knew I had to be available to sign for. Found out when it was going to be delivered, tracked it and everything, made my work schedule so that I had the day off SPECIFICALLY to wait for the package. Sat in the living room close to the door, didn't put the TV or music on so that I could hear the driver come. I have a metal screen door so it makes a pretty decent noise if you knock even slightly, I can hear it in any room of the house, but predicting that this guy would be a ninja I decided to play it safe. Even scheduled not to use the restroom (because you know when you're in there, that's the 2 minutes they show up and don't wait). Waited, waited, checked outside a few times, didn't see anything. Boyfriend comes home about 5 and gives me the dreaded but expected Sorry We Missed You notice. Looked at the time, I was sitting in the living room. Called to complain and customer service was soooo kind to me that I couldn't even express my anger to her. Of course, the drivers were done for the evening. So I explained my situation, and the woman was very nice to me assuring me that she would speak with the driver. The next day I heard the truck pull up and waited in my kitchen like a child playing hide and seek. I peeked out so that I could watch the driver come over and literally tap on the doorframe of my apartment. Just as suspected. So the next shipment (didn't have to sign for), I nearly peed myself when I heard something hit my door. Went to see and the box was on its side, you could tell that the guy just launched it at my door. I can't win with these people....I encourage all reader's to look up the internet meme "How to deliver to a private residence". Spot on.
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You people realize that this happens with UPS, FedEx and the USPS, right?! It depends on the driver, not the company. However the meme is quite funny because that's how it always seems!

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UPS in Los Angeles, California - Injury and Insult

I tried to do the decent thing and contact UPS through it’s own Customer Service email. Unfortunately, the only email I could locate for UPS was the prefab kind, popular with large companies and politicians, requiring the customer to designate categories and specific topics. My “Support Category” is “Pissed Consumer” and my “Support Topic” is “Really!” Neither of those options appear on your drop-down menus. Therefore, “Pissed Consumer” seems the appropriate vehicle for venting my disquiet. I live in a locked apartment building. Last Wednesday (August 14) late in the afternoon I found a “USP InfoNotice” on the hallway floor in my building. (InfoNotice Number 9342 1955 055 8.) The notice said a second delivery attempt would be made the following afternoon. I telephoned UPS to verify this. The next day, the day of the second scheduled delivery, I phoned UPS late in the afternoon and was assured the delivery was on its way. I sat on the front steps of my apartment building from about 6:30 to 8:15 in the evening. When the package didn’t arrive, I phoned UPS again and was informed by the friendly recording that a delivery attempt had been made at 6:56 P.M. At 6:56 I was on the front steps of my apartment building. Two men were working in an apartment facing the street with a sliding glass door opened showing a wide view of the street. Neither they nor I saw any UPS personnel. There was no new UPS InfoNotice. There was no attempted delivery. I wasted an entire afternoon and most of an evening waiting for a delivery that did not come. I could not afford to waste another day sitting outside on the steps, so I called UPS and arranged to have the package delivered to a different address. I was informed I had to pay $6.00 for the change of destination. I’m an understanding soul. Maybe the delivery person had a hot date, or a sick mother or something. But that I should have to pay $6.00 for someone else’s failure adds insult to injury. I can forgive the injury, but not the insult. Waive the $6.00.
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I don't know why this happens sometimes. But, it's your package, take responsibility.

Have it shipped to a mailbox store like The UPS Store. (not owned, nor operated by UPS, it's a totally different company) If you ship it directly there, you only have to pay $5 or so to pick it up.

WHY DO PEOPLE WASTE THEIR ENTIRE DAY WAITING FOR A PACKAGE????!!! My day is worth more than $5, how about yours?


Definitely understand. I posted a similar complaint.

I was sitting in my living room WAITING to hear the door and as luck would have it that's just when the guy showed up.

Suspicious.....I wonder if they all just pull their trucks into a parking lot somewhere and laugh about it. :cry


I feel your pain!

I flew into a city on Business, got in a Taxi.

Gave the guy the adddress I wanted to go to.

I decided to go to a different address, and they wanted to charge me extra!

What is this world coming to, waive the extra charge to take me to a different address!

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Update by user Aug 16, 2013

The location is California, not Washington. I don't know why it says that.:P

Original review posted by user Aug 16, 2013

About a week ago I ordered some books from Amazon for my school, unfortunately when they came in Thursday afternoon, one of them had pages that were upside down and backwards, so I had to make...
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Sorry to hear that your UPS driver had a slight attitude with you. Your story actually sounds eerily similar to a exchange I had with a customer (I am also a UPS driver). Are you perhaps in Northern California? I was having a rough day and was bit behind on starting my residential deliveries. One of the stops I had to do a pick up from a residence much like yours. I arrive, knock at the door, no answer. So I write out an entire info notice, slap it on the door and hop back in the truck when the customer opens the door. Much like your story, the customer asks if I was there for a pickup. I answered almost exactly like you said the driver did 'I was, but you weren't answering' (which was true, because it took me about two minutes to write the info on the back of the call tag and the info notice). So the customer asks if I can wait while she gets the package. I answer 'sure' not excited that I have to wait even longer because I was already behind. Then she brings the package to the door. Mind you, I had already picked up two other returns and both of those weren't taped up. Usually I wonder silently in my mind if it's taped up. But after the first two I actually said it out loud 'is it taped?'. It wasn't and much like your driver I say 'no it's not, why would it be?'. She recommends the exact same thing you did, to use the call tag sticker as tape. But like this UPS driver told you, it HAS to go over the old label. Otherwise, the package could end up being delivered right back to you. I tell her I'll just tape it up when I get back to the building. Then I hand her the call tag receipt that has the tracking info for the package. The only difference in our stories is that I never give the garbage from the call tag sticker to the customer unless THEY offer to throw it away.

Anyhow, all I'm saying is to just keep in mind that the driver might not be having a good day. I know we're supposed to be professionals but we are still human. There's no excuse for rudeness, yes, but don't be so disappointed when they aren't always extra cheerful.

Seriously, are you in Northern California? Story sounded WAY too similar for me to not comment. If you are that same person, I apologize, and hope that hearing it from my perspective gives you more insight into why the interaction went the way it did.

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  • warning
I had a package stolen from my house that was worth over $200. I reordered the item and requested that a signature be required for delivery, as I cannot sit home all day waiting for this package, and I was planning on having to go to the UPS dispatch to pick it up. ...
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Humph! All this *** reminds me of an experience I had with a moving company once.

When I looked at the paperwork, the man in charge of the crew that did the moving assessed all of my stuff as "damaged" in some way shape or form. Deny it or not, but I KNOW that he did that just to cover the company's butt in case any damage did occur during the move.

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UPS Lost Package, Will not take responsiblity

I contacted UPS to have the package held at the facility in order for me to pick it up first thing in the morning and not having to wait for the driver to delivery it by the end of the day since I needed the package to arrive before 12 noon. See UPS Note below: 08/15/2013, 4:20 P.M., A Delivery Change Request for this package will be processed. / As requested, the receiver will pickup at a UPS facility at their convenience. This must be within 5 business days. The following day, the note from UPS read: 08/16/2013, 7:56 A.M., The Delivery Change Request for this package has been completed. / As requested, the receiver will pickup at a UPS facility at their convenience. This must be within 5 business days. Per UPS comments, the package arrived to the facility at 6:38am on 8/16. I noticed there was another note added that read: 08/16/2013, 9:39 A.M. The business was closed today. A delivery attempt will be made on the next bbusiness day. / Package will be delivered next business day. So I immediately contacted UPS Customer Service because my business opens at 7:00am and no UPS driver had been there. The first agent was not helpful at all, repeating the same notes in the tracking system, so I asked to speak to a Supervisor. The Supervisor contacted the UPS facility in Miami, FL and spoke to Rosa, they contacted the driver and he said he didn't have the package in his truck. They looked for the package at the facility and they couldn't find it anywhere. After about 3 hours on the phone, trying to resolve this, the Supervisor said the only thing left to do was to request an "investigation" to try to find the package and if they couldn't find it they will then forward the request to the claims department to request a refund on the delivery charge plus UP TO $100 ON THE PACKAGE PRICE!!!! I paid $460 for this merchandise. I have to re-order the merchandise because my client needs it as soon as possible. I have to pay $460 again, plus a Rush Delivery (hopefully with FeDex, never UPS again, ever, ever) and they will only refund me $100 plus UPS shipping charge, and that's only if they can't find the package. If they finally find it, they will only refund me the delivery charge. Even though I will have to re-order the merchandise, no matter if the package is found or not, because my client needs it right away. Not to mention the horribly stressing situation this problem has caused me, I had to call the client and explain them UPS had lost the package they had been waiting for 5 days, even though it's not our fault, I still have to go thru this terrible stress and deal with an unhappy customer. UPS is simply washing their hands on this problem. I asked to place an investigation, as recommended by the Supervisor herself, and she said the investigation needs to be requested by the SHIPPER, not the receiver, even though I am telling her that the Shipper is not responsible for this mess, that the package was lost by the UPS facility in Miami and that this had been confirmed by the facility staff. I asked her why are you treating your customers like this, why are you making them suffer like this, there's no excuse, no reason for this. I will make sure every person I know knows about how terribly awful UPS service is. I will place a complaint on every website I can find. I would like a refund on all the expenses caused to my business because of UPS. That includes shipping charges plus the cost of replacing the merchandise and the Rush Delivery request. In total, that's $550 and I can send all the receipts as proof of my expenses.
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Well, you realize that I can just reply here right?

Either way, I'll start off by stating that UPS and The UPS Store's are two different companies. The UPS Stores are individually owned and operated. I don't work for the heart of all evil, I work for my dad. He owns The UPS Store that I currently work at.

Secondly, I'm not trying to be a smart-***. I was trying to be helpful and inform you of the claims process. I am definitely not defending UPS here, they totally screwed up your package. It doesn't happen too often but when it does, it's bad!

I'm actually glad that they found your package and hopefully you'll get this all sorted out!


So are you a middle man here? Did you order it from another company and have it shipped to your customer? That seems to be what you said.

-If so, then UPS is right then you have no business according to UPS. It is true that somewhere in the re-routing process it was lost. That is UPS's fault.

-However, the shipper is only entitled to $100+shipping cost in reimbursement because it appears the shipper didn't insure the package to full value. That is the shippers fault.

-You are NEVER, EVER, EVER going to be reimbursed (by UPS) for the $550 if the shipper didn't insure the package to full value.

If you are the middle man then the company that sold the item will reimburse you for the $550, because is is the sellers responsibility to make sure the package arrived, it didn't, so you will be reimbursed!


I ordered the merchandise from a Vendor (selling to the Trade Only) and it was shipped to my store. I was supposed to assemble it and take it to my customer.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the UPS customer service supervisor said that IF the shipper insured the package to full value, UPS will only refund UP TO $100 of the declared value plus shipping cost. If the shipper didn't insure it, UPS will only refund shipping cost, and only after a 14 days "investigation." Either way, I'm loosing here.

My vendor will not get refunded the full value, so they will not reimbursed me for it either. And they don't have to, what happened here is UPS fault, not the shipper, not me, not my customer.

I will NEVER, EVER, EVER be refunded full value by UPS, for a package THEY LOST because unfortunately, I'm dealing here with UPS, a horrible company, you'd only have to read the terrible reviews all over the internet...


Ok, that makes a bit more sense now...

However you are terribly misinformed. If the shipper insured it for $550, the shipper will be reimbursed the full value of $550. If it wasn't insured for additional value, you'll be reimbursed $100 and the shipping. That's how the insurance works! Unless it is a massive company with a discounted UPS Account Number without an option to add insurance, then they'll only be reimbursed shipping. (I doubt that though, that's only for company accounts like Unless they're as big as, any shipment is automatically insured for $100!

Regardless, the company that sold it to you is financially responsible for refunding you! Not UPS. UPS is only supposed to refund the insured value to the shipper, NOT the recipient. In a court of law, the company is required to reimburse you, because it is a business's job to make sure an item is delivered to a customer.

PS. I work for a The UPS Store location. I know how this stuff works, and I've read almost all the reviews online! Almost all of them are BS, like this. They're all posted by angry people who don't understand what's going on. Less than 1/4 of them have any credibility at all.


Ok, first let me begin by saying that calling my review BS is exactly the type of service I'd expect from someone working for UPS (or at a UPS Store, like you). That is the type of "customer service" I've been receiving from UPS ever since my ordeal with a lost package started yesterday.

Today I called UPS again to check on the status of the tracer request placed by the Shipper, and not only I had to explain the whole situation to the first customer agent on the phone, wait on hold for 25 minutes, then explain the whole situation AGAIN to another CS supervisor, but also I had to take from them the same "wise-***" attitude you're showing in your comments.

If I was terribly misinformed, it was by the UPS CS Supervisor herself, someone working for UPS, like you. So you see, UPS doesn't even train their staff to treat customers with respect, it seems one will tell you one thing, and another one will tell you something else.

I seriously doubt that I will get refunded even the $100, since apparently the package was "found" somewhere in Miami, and it's in "route" to who knows where right now. And I say this because I placed a request to hold the package at the local UPS Facility before this whole nigthmare started, so the package should not be "in route" to begin with, it should be at the UPS Facility as I requested. There's no phone number for the UPS Facility, you need to call the 800 number, and explain THE WHOLE STORY again to yet another CS Agent, who will then proceed to read to you the comments on the Tracking System (the comments you can read yourself online, you don't need a CS Agent for that) and then hear them say "ok this needs to be escalated to the tracing department so they can investigate... someone will call you back... blah blah blah..."

I have been going in circles with UPS since yesterday, and I don't see an end to it. Plus, as of today, no one has been able to explain me the following note on the tracking system:

-08/16/2013, 9:39 A.M. The business was closed today. A delivery attempt will be made on the next bbusiness day. / Package will be delivered next business day.

My business opens at 7:00 am, and no UPS driver was there during the day, plus, why would the driver have the package when there's a previous request in place asking to HOLD THE PACKAGE AT THE FACILITY FOR CUSTOMER PICK UP!!!!!

UPS calls it "a mystery", those are their own words.... "this requires more investigation"... that's what I call BS, sir.

So Nick, there's no doubt in my mind you work for this horrible company UPS, and "angry people" like me wouldn't even exist if UPS did the job they are paid to do.

I will repeat it to anyone who wants to hear it:






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