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i live in my mom's house..she goes ballistic when i get packages..worked out scenario with usps and fedex..but UPS..FORGETABOUTIT! have called 50 times in the last 9 years begging drivers not to knock..not to ring bell..please park on side of house..only 1 driver co-operated!! no way of contacting the drivers..tell them after another violent fight with my mom...happens again and again!! these are not diamonds/valueables! why can't UPS please do what i ask?? please give the customer a time line..a heads up so i can head them off..asked them not to knock..ring..park in front..they ignore me!! this is not fair!! my neighbours are fearful and will NOT TAKE THE PACKAGES AT THEIR RESIDENCES because they are fearful!! ..why can't the drivers please be considerate..i am expecting package never arrived..up and down the stairs..outside like a lunatic looking for them..get nothing from them but attitude!! had 1 driver frank here in elmont ny who was WONDERFUL..CARING..CONSIDERATE..why can't they all be like that??
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UPS in Fort Worth, Texas - Six days plus to come the last 20 miles

UPS is the worst--arrived 20 miles away on the morning of the 10th. Estimated delivery on the 12th--didn't happen-- tracking ends with the word EXCEPTION. No news, customer service responds with an obtuse email about no tracking for 24 hours means its on a trailer or a train.......from 20 miles away??? This morning(4 days later) another email with estimated delivery of today---but still no package. They are trying to blame the weather but school buses started running on the 10th; surely UPS trucks can go where children on buses can go. I really do understand that things happen and we get behind but I don't understand this--no progress, no news, and meaningless delivery dates.
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UPS in Houston, Texas - Several! 3 Packages listed as delivered to Front Door - NOT@!

I've been on the phone for about an hour attempting to locate 3 packages that were "Left at Front Door". I'm mobility handicapped and depend on my packages being delivered since driving is not doable. Waited all day and then received the electronic notice the packages were at the front door ... they are NOT. After an hour waiting on the phone I gave up and wheeled out the front door, down the drive and over to the garage ... low and behold there are my packages tossed in a pile against the garage. NOT the front door and definitely NOT a place where I can retrieve them since they're too heavy for me to lift into my wheelchair and push over a 2" rise! There is absolutely NO phone number listed by UPS to complain about basic service issues with this carrier and NO local number to contact directly. So now about $2,000 worth of goods is laying in front of my garage by the road, one on it's side that's electrical equipment and hey if you're strong come get them because I can't! I'll have to call for help and hope they arrive before any theives do. Pure BS.
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Assume they were left at the front door. IF you can't even drag them or shift them, how did you expect to retrieve themn from the front door?

BTW - I just googled UPS customer service and there was the number in giant black letters.

1 (800) 742-5877 a two second effort. Whew, I'm exhausted!

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UPS in Calgary, Alberta - Major Delay on a package

Shipper sent my item 10 days ago on UPS Express. And now, December 16th, still nothing. UPS does not want to tell me where exactly the package is. Tracking info shows it's in Calgary but they can't physically confirm it is there. With a snow storm coming, will it delay them even more?? Customer service has been just terrible. Drivers are rude and bitter. I mean, nothing is good and right with this company anymore. I do not know how they can get loyal customers. Suffice to say this will be the last time I will ever deal with UPS.
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I was told to pick up my package at the mcphillips location after 5pm, so I went there and sure enough my package wasn't there it was at the Dublin location. So I call UPS and tell them to hold my package. I go to the Dublin location and try to pick it up and they tell me that it's on the truck and they are trying to make another attempt to deliver. I didn't want to come back to the Dublin location. So they said they will leave it at the mcphillips location you can pick it up after 5. Ok so I go there after 5pm and they say that your package isn't here. So I'm left without package still and i don't know where the *** it is. UPS needs to get there *** together. They should just be like puralator 1 delivery attempt the put the package on hold. I should had my package 4 days ago now. Thanks UPS FOR BEING SO ***
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UPS in Calgary, Alberta - Delivery missing AGAIN....Worst Customer Service ever

I HATE " UPS" they have the worst worst customer service in the world I am sure. Every time I get a parcel from them is gets lost or is two days late and every time after spending an hour waiting to talk to someone they say to call the shipper its not them, and guess what it ALWAYS them. OMG I hate them, I hate them, I hate them.....A parcel was sent to me from Costco, the website tracking showed it was to be delivered on the Dec 13th, we waited with a truck all day for it, no show. Then the website tracking showed they tried to deliver it (which they didn't). Then the website changed and showed it never was scanned into my city location. I phone them (waited on the phone for 45 minutes) and was told to call Costco it was never pickup, they don't have it. Call Costco who confirmed it was pickup but now they have to trace it which could take 48 hours..... I hate, hate UPS. You will never hear them say they lost something or that something was their fault EVER, why do we continue to us them?
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  • UPS Delivery missing AGAIN Wors

UPS in Orlando, Florida - Burned

I sent a package and en-route the package caught fire (UPS's fault) Instead of sending my my 350.00 back they send me 100.00. UPS is the ONLY company in the world that can destroy a package and then blame it on the customer and refuse to pay for that package. If this was a packing error on my fault then fine I would pay, but this was totally UPS's fault and they refuse to pay for it? I tried talking to them and all I get is "it is your fault you didn't buy insurance." UPS treats their customers like ***, they are rude and KNOW they have the market share and don't care.
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***, you should have declared the value of your item.. Hahahaha!!!

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UPS - LYING about Service. Not delivering to the door. Not leaving notes

These people aren't even trying anymore. We live in an apartment, work from home, and get frequent deliveries. Even BEFORE the holiday rush, UPS were not attempting delivery to the door and just dropping it off at the leasing office WITHOUT leaving a note. Now that it's the holiday rush, on TWO occasions UPS has failed to deliver packages by saying no one was home so they've left it someplace--and there's no note on the door! They can pull this stunt with 90% of the people who work away from home, etc., but they can't get away with lying like this. Their company color is brown for a reason. It represents the level of service they provide.
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Seems to me like they are getting away with it....just by looking at the number of repeat comments on this site. What are your other options?

Before you say USPS and their comments.....this is a problem across all delivery companies. Bottom Line - There is no accountability.

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UPS - Lost Package, Rude Assistant

I received a post card from UPS stating that my package was being held at their location in Commerce City, CO because they didn't have my apartment number. So I called; the guy was very nice, patient, and helpful and said he added my apartment number. I received ANOTHER post card a few days later saying the same thing. So I called again and this time was helped by a woman who said my package was delivered to a completely different address and that I would have to call tomorrow to speak with the Investigations department. Now, I work in Customer Service so I was not rude to her at all because I know it was in no way her fault. But I wish I'd gotten the woman's name because when I asked her if it was likely that the Investigations department would be able to get my package back she simply stated again that I'd have to call back tomorrow to speak with someone else. When I was in the middle of thanking her for checking around for me, she HUNG UP on me! If I ever hung up on a customer my boss would jump down my throat, and if I'd gotten her name I definitely would have called back and asked to speak to a manager about her. Very rude, very frustrating, and she very obviously didn't care at all. From now on I will be using any shipping company other than UPS.
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UPS in Dallas, Texas - Package late, paid 2nd air, weather good, excuse bad weather and its 5 miles from me

I've never had a problems with UPS before, but when you do its a disaster. I have adopted a family that could not provide presents to their kids this year due to circumstances. The party is supposed to be 12/14 today. My package was suppose to be here on the 10th....but its been sitting in Mesquite, TX since then and I am only 5 miles away, the real kicker is the weather has been nice since the 10th and it gets posted due to bad weather.....Where are you driving it to? to get 5 miles? Alaska. You send a email to CS and it says you will have a email in 1 business day....I've sent two emails now and more than 1 business day has passed. What is UPS doing to make up the shipment costs (obviously it nots coming in 2nd day air, and obviously the weather is NOT preventing it) and are they working on Saturday and Sunday to get these packages delivered? Maybe it wouldn't be so upsetting, if the package was even moving but all the packages in Mesquite seem to be sitting for days....Maybe tonight....UPS will show up at the Christmas party for the adopted families and be dressed like Santa and make this delivery, probably not, and I will be sure to take a picture of that kid that there is no present under the tree for....If you want to make it right, work longer hours and the weekend, the rest of America has too when they have a job to be delivered by a deadline. No excuses, just make it right
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Update on my package..It show to be scheduled by end of day today the 17th(yesterday 15th it showed that)....Finally....But now again you can see below its gone to Mesquite to Dallas to Mesquite to Dallas to Mesquite and now its back to Date unavailable for delivery as of now.....2nd day air

Location Date Local Time Activity

Mesquite, TX, United States 12/17/2013 10:00 A.M. Your package encountered a delay. We expect your delivery will be postponed by one business day.

Dallas, TX, United States 12/17/2013 6:38 A.M. Departure Scan

Mesquite, TX, United States 12/17/2013 6:34 A.M. Arrival Scan

Dallas, TX, United States 12/16/2013 10:17 P.M. Arrival Scan

Mesquite, TX, United States 12/16/2013 9:48 P.M. Departure Scan

12/16/2013 6:00 A.M. Your package encountered a delay. We expect your delivery will be postponed by one business day.

Mesquite, TX, United States

12/11/2013 2:00 P.M. Network disruption due to prior weather conditions, check for further updates.

Mesquite, TX, United States

12/10/2013 11:00 P.M. Network disruption due to prior weather conditions, check for further updates.

Lexington, KY, United States 12/10/2013 5:24 A.M. Departure Scan

12/10/2013 1:01 A.M. Arrival Scan

South Charleston, WV, United States 12/09/2013 9:43 P.M. Departure Scan

12/09/2013 8:15 P.M.

Origin Scan

United States 12/09/2013 6:13 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS

Shipping Information To:

ROWLETT, TX, US Shipped By UPS 2nd Day Air®


I have the EXACT same problem! I'm not 5mi away but this is the same line of bull I'm getting.

I placed my order on NOV 30 and still haven't received it!

I called the shipper of the package and THEY told me that my delivery was TRANSFERRED to USPS and I should get it by Dec 17.

The shipper was able to give me more info than UPS! :(


If UPS is only (5) miles from your home,Why did you not just drive the (5) miles to pick up the package yourself.UPS is out and Working because i recieved my package on this past wed.Give the people a break.Complain about something that is important,If you can't wait go pick up your own "DAM PACKAGE".And know i do not work for UPS but if i did,I would tell all of you to "KISS WHERE THE SUN DOES NOT SHINE".


Thank you for your comment. I got a reply from UPS last night:

Unfortunately, our records do not show the new delivery date.

I encourage you to continue tracking this package online to obtain the current status.

This is about a business transaction and a hefty price for delivery 2nd day air. Delivery date was to be December 11th. I also work M-F during their hours and UPS doesn't happen to be open on Saturday or Sunday for pickup or I would be happy to pick it up.

Maybe you didn't read the title of the URL of this site we are commenting on. Have a Merry Christmas!


Grow up! You could have purchased the gifts at stores, instead of ordering them. When I need something by a certain date, I make sure I order it a about a month to six weeks ahead of time.


You know why this is an idiotic comment? Because the responder is suggesting that it is the submitters fault for ordering something online.

That purchase, including delivery, was a business transaction that is just as valid as anything else. It is not like UPS is doing favors or delivering for free...

UPS (and specifically this hub) really does have a problem - with both logistics and customer service. Now they are trying to fix it, but unfortunately the older packages are not moving because they are delivering newer packages first to save the bottom-line.


Thank you!!! And you are definitely right they are moving newer packages before the earlier ones from the week, even with the normal delivery schedule.

Have a Happy Holiday!!!


Thanks for your comment, but you must not understand that sometimes when you adopt a family you have limited time to get the gifts in, and in this case its sold out in the stores, this was the one thing this little boy wanted and I made special arrangements to pay a higher price in order to get for him and to pay for 2 day air delivery. Its rather immature your comment since we are talking about the fact that UPS customer service is not responding, the fact that the hub is 5 miles aways and they are putting "weather conditions" as why they didn't deliver yet and there has been no issues in Mesquite for weather the majority of the week.

No reason when you pay for 2nd day air for this to be happening. Hope you have a Merry Christmas....

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