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UPS in Calgary, Alberta - Brokerage Charges after the fact.

A friend shipped a small package (1 Lb. @ 8X4X4 in.) valued at $120.00, from Los Angeles to Calgary, AB., Canada and a shipping cost was $23.00. I received the packaged along with a bill for $48 in extra fees. The fees included $37 for brokerage fees which is a computer transaction completed by a one fingered typist. Total cost of shipping $85. The same shipment if shipped by USPS (confirmed by them) would have been $25 for postage, $6 for Sales Tax and $5 for administration a total difference of $49. Needless to say US Postal Service is the way to go and the crooks at UPS will never get my business again.
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Also this information regarding brokerage fees is clearly noted on their website.

@Knowing is Half the Battle

You truly don't get the issue, do you? The brokerage fee that is based on the shipments value and not the amount of work involved in the process isn't charged by USPS or the CDN Postal service. Use USPS and not UPS, get it.


In this case, brokerage fees were charged BECAUSE your package was shipped FROM the US to Canada. You ever hear of International CUSTOMS?

Evidently the person sending the package either wasn't informed in LA, or didn't understand the fees involved with international shipments. He should have paid the brokerage fee when he shipped the package, because he didn't, an additional BOND fee is added when the package is delivered.

@two cents

Brokerage fees don't have anything to do with customs, the GST or Government Sales Taxes are the fees that Customs are interested in. Brokerage fees are a money grab by the shipping company and in this case the shipping company was UPS or United Parcel Service.

That brokerage fee would have never been charged if the parcel was shipped by USPS or United States Postal Service. Like I said before "I learned a lesson, I will never use UPS again".

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UPS in Richardson, Texas - Christmas present didn't arrive on the 24th of December as guaranteed

My order was guarantee delivery for December 24th unfortunately that didn't happen. I assume it's because of the back orders and not weather related. The person that I purchased the present for will have to wait until the 27th. That's when I say "Happy belated Merry Christmas and sorry for using UPS. Fort Worth, TX, United States 12/26/2013 10:20 A.M. Destination Scan Fort Worth, TX, United States 12/24/2013 3:00 P.M. Your package encountered a delay. We expect your delivery will be postponed by one business day. Fort Worth, TX, United States 12/23/2013 2:24 P.M. Arrival Scan Mesquite, TX, United States 12/23/2013 1:16 P.M. Departure Scan 12/23/2013 9:35 A.M. Origin Scan United States 12/22/2013 5:43 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS
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UPS in Wallingford, Connecticut - I ordered a toy for my grandson with whom I was spending Christmas with on December 19th with 2 day shipping

I spent all of Christmas eve tracking a package that I ordered through Amazon (2 day shipping) because according to UPS it was "on time". I received notification around 4:00 pm that my package might be delayed. It was too late for me to get anything else because my grandson was coming at 5:00. He is 4 years old and I was devastated to have to tell him that I did not have a present for him. Our Christmas was ruined. I called ups and they blamed amazon for not getting it top them on time. Amazon, however said that they sent it out on December 20th.
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So Christmas was ruined because your spoiled brat did not get a gift. I can think of a million reasons why Christmas would be ruined.

(death illness in the family), and you are complaining that Christmas is ruined because your little brat did not get a gift.

Get a grip. There are people who cannot even afford to have a Christmas and you are complaining because your brat did not get a gift.


Apparently UPS is at fault in this whole mess this year. They did not anticipate the huge volume of packages being sent and did not put extra personnel to work delivering the packages.

Remember, UPS is a unionized company. FedEx is not and did not have the same level of problems. Don't blame Amazon. However, I understand that Amazon may give you an extra 30 days on your Amazon Prime for the delay as they "guarantee" delivery---for what that is worth!

Next time, of course order earlier and do not trust anyone who "guarantees" delivery.

This they cannot do as we found out. Not sure how one goes about getting the extra month's Prime---Amazon is rather coy and vague on their website on this.


Why do people wait until the last minute to order gifts? When I need something by a definite date, I order about two months ahead of time.

I just don't have enough faith in any shipping method to get it to me within a couple days, even if I pay for expediated shipping.


Agree 100%


UPS needs to revise their "guarantee" for last minute shoppers. Brick and mortar stores have the advantage on this. Your own fault.

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UPS Incredible screwup

UPS Incredible screwup
Overnight package from San Antonio. Tx to Deerfield Beach, FL Left Tx on 12/23/2013 at 11:01 PM Arrived Louisville, Ky 12/24/2013 at 2:21 AM Arrived West Palm Beach, FL 12/24/2013 at 6:20 AM WPB is 40 minutes (UPS time) I can walk in less than that, from Deerfield Beach from WPB was sent back to Ky, 12/24/2013 at 3:17 PM Then to Clearwater, FL 12/24/2013 5:13 PM / 6:19 PM Then back to WPB 12/24/2013 7:14 PM / 7:39 PM Finally to Deerfield Beach, FL 12/24/2013 8:20 PM Received an Email that the package was going to be delivered on the 24 by 10:30 AM, Called at 12:00 and was told that they were running late and will be here in 90 minutes. Wasted the whole day waiting for a package that at 6:20 AM was within walking distance before UPS send it back to KY. This is stupidity not holiday traffic.
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UPS in Chicago, Illinois - Late delivery of pet insulin cost me $100. Grrrrrrr

My dog needed emergency insulin that was to be overnighted from Champaign Il to my Vet in E. Peoria Il but instead sat at the UPS depot which was just up the road from my vet. They would not let my vet pick up the pkg of insulin and we were forced to put him on human insulin in the meantime which cost me around $100 including special syringes! I will never use UPS ever again! Grrrrrr Very very very unhappy customer and it wasn't for Christmas either it was to save my dogs life! Chuck & Caron S Boland - Bartonville Il
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WOW its Christmas, and the delivery companies are exteremly, insane busy! GRRRRRRRRR I can't comprehend how one little package gets caught up in the system!

Maybe u should have had extra precautions if your dog has problems! All future customers will be happy that you will not be using UPS anymore!

And what with all the growling GRRRRRR? Did you use some of your dogs insulin??????

@sick of dumb people

Wow I' too am sick of "DUMB" people! My dogs problem was just discovered that day.

The order was placed on the 19th of December for overnight delivery.

UPS shouldn't offer overnight services if they cannot deliver. So if u don't know the whole story then *** ***!

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UPS - Everyone that used shipping for their shopping

Your package late? That will teach you that there are brick and mortar stores in your town that you should be shopping at. Not only do you hurt your community but you are also breaking the law by not paying your state a use tax on everything you purchase on the internet. Shame on you for not shopping small and locally. Think about next year and shop local. Your small businesses need your support to stay open and your tax dollars stay in your community for streets, schools, police and fire departments. Keep your spending money local. Do you get customer service on the internet. Are you one of those people that go shopping local and waste store time explaining products and learning about your item then after wasting the small business time you go on line and order. People hate you for this.
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Breaking the law? Your an ***!

I shop for lower prices.

And no *** is going to tell me where to shop! This is America


UPS had a contract to deliver. They failed.

We are consumers who are right to be angry at their broken contracts. And how do you know all the items lost were purchases? 5 of mine we purchases. 2 of mine that were lost were gifts my kids made for grandparents.

And my waiting until the last minute? That's not of your business! Let me guess, you are the lazy slob who works at UPS and was making double time while I PAID you to deliver the package that you screwed up?! Get a clue and keep your judgement to yourself.

Of course you are a nameless bully who sits and defends the lazy union of UPS because you are one of them. I am glad UPS failed....

I have hated their sloppy service forever. Hopefully they will be out of business SOON.


Get a grip ladyDee. If the package delivery was guaranteed, you get a refund and move on. Your juvenile name calling just shows how immature and spoiled you are.


Also, don't get pissy with UPS because YOU procrastinated. Christmas is the same day every year.

Plan better, shop earlier. Stop whining because the package you ordered on December 23 didn't get there overnight.

Yeah, you paid for overnight shipping, things happen. Don't say UPS 'ruined your Christmas' because you waited.


Last-minute shopping is not going to be a success online. I think the above point is valid.


If u don't know the whole story ***

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Work For UPS Louisville

This company treats their Supervisors like ***. Every year they take something huge away and expect us not to be pissed off. This year my wife's insurance, she's pregnant but they don't care I have to pay an extra 5000 to have a baby. I just worked over a 12 hour shift on Christmas night and I have a manager that says family is important Yeah Right!! They do not care about their employees or your packages. We throw packages all night long, No one cares about customer service as long as the packages get on the plane. Since UPS went public all they care about is MONEY. We could have made service on all the packages if the CEO Davis wouldn't have shut down so many other air service centers ad put 1000's out of jobs. But he got one *** of a bonus for doing so. UPS has an account for a CEO and all they care about is numbers. Their employees and the consumers mean nothing to the company at this point. I am a 13 year employee and everyday I look to get out and find a job that has meaning and with a company that actually cares about its employees. Bottom line I work there and I use USPS to ship my packages. If it can break don't ship with UPS because we don't care about your package!!!!!!!!
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UPS in Ivyland, Pennsylvania - Two day shipping, ordered 12/21 now to arrive 12/30?!? With no notifications? Seriously?!?

Carrier UPS did not deliver, and according to their site, even though it was a 2-day delivery to be received no later than 12/24; I am being informed that my shipment first went from KY to TX and is still in TEXAS and will not be delivered until DECEMBER 30th (I live in PA)! I am pissed, as this was a Christmas present I was to give to a family member today (12/25/13). Disappointed that I also did not receive any notification that the shipment was delayed or possibly going to be late. I had to go searching for info. on site. According to account details, my estimated delivery date is still stating "no later than 12/24." Not good or UPS. Amazon points finger to you.
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perhaps you should have ordered sooner instead of waiting for the last possible minute when you procrastinate things happen stop blaming everybody else for your failures


Idiots don't have a clue as to how the UPS system works. The problems in Texas are weather related which means there is no way your *** package will get delivered!! We are not God we are a shipping company.


UPS Sucks!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :x

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UPS in Highlands Ranch, Colorado - Christmas Grinch

My son in laws one and only gift for his wife, a beautiful bracelet never made it in time. It was supposed to be delivered Monday. After waiting and worrying we were told Tuesday. I Encountered the UPS delivery man in our neighborhood early afternoon of Christmas Eve. He could have cared less that he didn't have our package. More or less smirked and said it would most likely be delivered on Thursday. I really thought I would see another truck later that day. Nothing!! Overnight delivery obviously means nothing to UPS. I don't buy that they were overwhelmed, incompetent is more like it!!!
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If u want your cheap *** bracelet to arrive by Christmas Eve maybe next year u will take your lazy *** to the store and buy it yourself. Think about ordering it a little earlier next year.

You think it was the delivery guy's fault that your package wasn't there? Hilarious


maybe you should have gotten off your lazy *** earlier, and actually went shopping! If his wife meant that much too him he would not have been waiting soo late to get a "deal" on the bracelet!

Easy to blame the UPS guy. UPS was overwhelmed by Incompetent last slacking internet shoppers!!!

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UPS in Seattle, Washington - Poor concern for their customers

My package arrived in my town at 5AM on Fri 20th. Waited Sat, no delivery. Waited all day Mon (stayed home from work--signature req'd) I kept calling ups to see how late they delivered, got 3 different answers: 5, 6, & 8PM. Finally went to bed at 8:30. Get up to find notice that they attempted delivery at 8:43 PM. So Tuesday I stay home from work again. Tracking still says it will arrive between 2:15 & 6:15, still no pkg. This is Christmas eve & I am in tears. Finally around 8PM it did arrive. Here's another issue. UPS has something called "My Choice" which you can sign up for. Its kind of confusing so I called the store & the guy said "I don't know anything about that. " Some Company! Use Fed Ex.
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