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UPS in Overland Park, Kansas - Shipped to some location that has nothing to do with where i live

Shipped to some location that has nothing to do with where i live Shipped to some location that has nothing to do with where i live Shipped to some location that has nothing to do with where i live Shipped to some location that has nothing to do with where i live Shipped to some location that has nothing to do with where i live Shipped to some location that has nothing to do with where i live Shipped to some location that has nothing to do with where i live Shipped to some location that has nothing to do with where i live Shipped to some location that has nothing to do with where i live Shipped to some location that has nothing to do with where i live Shipped to some location that has nothing to do with where i live
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My address clearly says "basement" but guess your divers dont want to read it or feel lazy to go around the town house to deliver the package in the basement apartment. This has happened every single time and once again i dont get the package and i need to travel...
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Honestly there's nothing customer support can do with regards to your package. Once it is sent it really is no longer within their control.

And sorry to say this-cause i feel your pain-but you can't expect delivery men to do more than leave a package at an address. They rarely care beyond that point. You may have to either set up a P.O.

Box or stand at the doorway and wait for your package, or get used to your situation. It sucks but what can ya do?

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UPS leaves packages who knows where

I saw UPS worker myself, not get out of the truck & throw it into a yard. It was box & looked to be kind of heavy, I saw it also come apart, he took off! We would NOT ever use UPS, it is the top 10 of having complainst ahead of fed-Ex & Wal-Mart. Just use some other way After I saw that i told my husband & we will never use then . Please pass this on. Its a hassle to gt a refund, they never want to help. Its a hassle to get what you ordered & sometimes it NOT replaceable @ all! We was reading about this Major General being on leave & how they did his lady as he called her. That was an aweful shame. A man fighting for our country & UPS does not even care! We have also had problems! So mine was replaced, took long time & my face creme was busted & all inside box, most of my order was ruined, since we saw the Maj General that fights for our country, we are all going to help this couple, he just called her his lady, how sweet. They did them bad, we just was reading that & decided to put out own exsperience on here!
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My lady was getting some sexy stuff for mothers day & my leave from service. She had problems with the order from sears, but it finally was to be delivered by the end of day May 7th, 2014. She knew it was not going to be her regular delivery person when he was not here by,11:00A.M.She called & specifically told them do NOT leave @ gate as they have done before.(they never passed that on)She saw the UPS truck going back & forth & turning around in neighbors driveway. LOST AS A GOOSE,***& CANNOT READ! He headed back north & she got in her car & he was making a delivery maybe a mile away @ a business, so she come back & sit in her car for approx. 10 min.@ the gate! He NEVER come back. She called UPS & they said it was delivered & left @ the gate. She said it was NOT at this gate. They now have left her to deal & get her refund with no help from UPS @ all. If you want to order a pkg. NEVER use UPS! This is NOT right, the driver was John Armstrong & the supervisor was Todd McKee. She even spoke to another woman supervisor(JACKIE) that was going to take it upon herself & try to make another order,which @ this point is fraud.She just wants a refund,there was a hassle getting it shipped with the tracking # & then NEVER receiving it by the IDIOTS @ UPS. WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO TURN AROUND & GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN>It would be> TOO LATE FOR MOTHERS DAY! I would like to have chat with THEESE CHUMPS & I STILL MAY! She was so stressed last night & does not deal with stress well, because, she had been on the phone for hrs holding,being transferred. NOT GETTING TO THE RIGHT PERSON< GETTING DISCONNECTED< A STORM WAS COMING! UPS should have taken care of this.Use anyone,but UPS they are getting to be known for this type stuff & some things cannot be replaced. This was a MOTHER DAY present that's what makes it so bad! They are IDIOTS for the most! The little *** she talk to him on the phone said the letters on the mailbox was not big enough,well the US POSTAL sees them as well as Fed-Ex, DHL.ONLY trouble with not getting items is ONLY with UPS! THIS MAKES THE 3RD TIME! MAJORGENERAL***T.TAYLOR SULPHUR SPRINGS
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Major General? Suuuurrrree you are.

No one serving in our armed forces would come to a website and act like a victim, crying and whining and carrying on like you have.

With that little lie out of the way, I think it's safe to say the rest of your story is also a fabrication as well.

Thanks for making that so easy to spot.

Buck up, little soldier.


@Captain Obvious

You are SO rude. You really have no idea about ANYONE's situation AT ALL so stop being such a tool and Just mind you d4mn business


Yes report them every where, Sir. You serve our country & she waits & worries about you & on Mothers DAY.

That makes me mad also. We have had problems with UPS as well. We can all get together & boycott them. That is a really bad thing for them not to try & help.

Especially a Mothers Day surprise & all! Thank you ,sir! as well!

NOONE needs to EVER use UPS, do something else! NO TO UPS


Yes, Sulphur Springs is really bad about the UPS drivers, we try NOT to ever deal with them, so sorry to hear that :cry Its a shame @ mothers day! They should be the ones to help, turn them in to consumer affairs, their driving permits,BBB & a list you can find on line.

Turn them all in for this. I would be mad too! Sure messed up a nice mothers day weekend I am sure.

Do not stop stay on them. And NEVER LET UP!

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UPS in Toronto, Ontario - Never delivered

I ordered some stuff on-line, unfortunately the only option for delivery was UPS. Next day UPS guy showed up, called me from downstairs, I press the 9 to let him in, and waited, and waited and waited. He never showed up. I called support to complain, guy there said that drivers didn't have much time, when I ask him: what's your priority? work fast or actually deliver the packages? he mumbled something and repeat the same things like broken record. This note they leave: it says attempt was made, nobody's home, final attempt. Apparently 1st and 2nd attempts just don't exist for the UPS.
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UPS - No such thing as 3 day delivery!

I ordered items, and paid extra for 3 day shipping. It was shipped out by UPS 05/07/2014. It is on my tracking Information, the ship out date. Then I looked to see what time today my package was arriving for my customers, so I could let them know when I would be delivering their items. It then said delivery date 05/12/2014. I called them to ask what was going on. I was informed, that even though it was on the truck, and on the road... UPS DOES NOT consider it as part of the 3 day delivery. They never count the first day. WHAT?!?! Since when do you not count the first day? The really sad thing, is 24 hrs ago, 05/08/2014, at 1:48 pm it was an hour away from me. It is 2:32 and I won't get my package until Monday... I am leaving Monday morning for my vacation. My customers won't get their items. And UPS Corporate asked if there was someone that could give my customers their items. NO!!! They paid for 3 day delivery, and will not get their product for 6 days. My customers want their money back for the shipping, and now they want their money back for the items, since now they won't get their products for over 2 weeks! When I get home. Thanks UPS!!! This is what my tracking info showed me on the UPS website: Look at 05/07=DEPARTURE SCAN! Meaning it left do be delivered at 11:13 pm West Columbia, SC, United States 05/08/2014 1:48 P.M. Arrival Scan Ontario, CA, United States 05/08/2014 6:37 A.M. Departure Scan 05/08/2014 12:51 A.M. Arrival Scan Van Nuys, CA, United States 05/07/2014 11:13 P.M. Departure Scan 05/07/2014 9:55 P.M. Origin Scan United States 05/07/2014 8:13 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS
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What's your address. I'd like to send you a $1 to buy some common sense.

You paid for 3 day shipping.

That means your item will arrive in 3 business days.

Shipped Wednesday, one day is Thursday, two days is Friday, 3 days is Monday.

Why are you crying?

You got EXACTLY what you paid for, it's not the fault of UPS or anyone else that you don't understand how the shipping process works. smh


A person orders an item on Wed at 11AM and pays for 1 day service.

You expect they would get it Wed?


When you order something it shouldn't take 12 hours to put the items in a box, Then ship it. They take the money then don't ship for days.

Any GOOD company will ship out SAME DAY if the order wasn't after 3PM.

seeing how the order was around 11AM gave 17 hours to start the shipping......... Calling SAT or SUN NON-BUSINESS DAYS is just bad business when u ship 24-7-365 in every other country :x


before 11AM ordered said would be here Friday........ now it says today end of day or maybe tomorrow ALSO PAID FOR 2 DAY SHIPPING!

And u talking *** to the guy with 3 day....

can u count? :)


He still wont get it.

Maybe he will be able to understand this.

If something is sent out Wed for 1 day service, would he expect it to reach the destination and be delivered Wed? 1 Day service means the NEXT day, in this case, Thurs.

2 Day service would be Fri. and 3 day service would be 3 business days, or the next Mon.

I imagine he will still be ranting about how it should have been delivered Fri.

He just does not get it !


Shipped on the 7th. The 8th is one business day.

The 9th is the 2nd business day.

The 12th is the 3rd business day. 3 day shipping.


A UPS person on the phone told you it would be delivered Friday when shipped out Wed using 3 day select?


This is too simple!

Basic math, 7+3=10 (which is a Saturday)

Obviously, you did not select Saturday Delivery, so the 3rd business day is Monday.

Had you selected 2 day delivery, it would be 7+2=9 which would be Friday delivery.

No idea where you are coming up with 2 weeks on this.....


NO! The company put it on the truck on the 7th, so you have delivery for the 7th, the 8th, then the 9th which is today.

Just like mailing a letter. You count the day you put it in their hands. I did not place an order on line so the comment of "You didn't select Saturday delivery" does not apply. While talking to the representative (on the phone)of the company, I asked her about 3 day delivery, she confirmed I would have it today.

It is her job to know when things will be delivered. She had never heard of this lame practice. The company agrees that I paid to have it delivered TODAY! And if you paid attention and read my post, I am leaving!

My customers won't get their products for 2 weeks. Meaning brainiac... I WILL BE GONE FOR TWO WEEKS!!! So my customers would not get their products for......

two weeks. As I said in my first statement.

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UPS in Miami, Florida - Mr

When ups gets an address they say is undeliverable, they send a POST CARD to the BAD ADDRESS!! Even though they have the sender's email on file, and the receiver's, and could send automated emails for almost nothing, they have a system that sends out SNAIL MAIL to addresses that they know are NOT COMPLETE OR INCORRECT. They wait 5 days for the USPS to NOT deliver the undeliverable snail mail, then return the package to the sender. This system costs UPS a fortune, makes customers angry and lose confidence in UPS delivery, when a very cheap alternative (or addition) would save them and their customers maybe hundreds of millions of dollars, retain more customers, and get and retain more package traffic. I've already switched a lot of my business to the usps. They are doing a much better job these days, and have cheaper prices for faster service than ups ground.
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UPS customer service screws order and service

UPS does not deliver claiming "The street number is incorrect. This may delay delivery. We're attempting to update the address". I check the address and everything is fine. I call UPS to ask why they didn't deliver. I say I've had packages delivered here all the time with UPS and this guy cannot find my address. He probably put it off till tomorrow. All he has to do is enter my address in google maps and it'll show him how to get here. UPS customer service hangsup on me. WOW!!! I call back and find out that the customer service guy changed the city name for delivery. "We received a request to change the delivery of this package. The request is in progress. / Your package will be delivered to an alternate address." Double WOW!!!
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UPS in Moskovskiy, Moscow - *** Document could not be delivered AT ALL!!!

2nd may Ankara, TR leaves package (4 x A4 pages, birth certificate), 5th may Moscow, RU arrives package, note -> warehouse scan (WTF !!?!?) waiting 4 days, NOONE calls me... I start calling, Answer 1) The document is registered as "freight", YES Freight, Russian customs ask for PASSPORT, INVOICE, REGISTRATION ADDRESS, other millions of documents 2) My reply is that it is GOT *** DOCUMENT not a COMMERCIAL VALUE, for Private use only I am said that TR UPS is *** (very lovely Russia UPS in that) , TR UPS says the sender is guilty, eventually 20 emails 20 calls NO RESULT!!!! They all said that sender signed some sort of an invoice, but that is not an invoice ! How the *** they expect us to know how to formalize to send a DOCUMENT ! No one in Russia UPS ever called me at all, although they had the phone, BAD service, Pissed off completely... I know UPS, you do not give *** at all to our packages, but I hope others will not follow this ! Does UPS expect us to make Custom Clearance work for a Document ? which has 0 $ commercial value and only private use? Do they need to be that arrogant ??? IS it that difficult to solve such *** issue? NEVER EVER USE THIS *** COMPANY We plan to go to court due to their behavior!
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RE: UPS EMPLOYEE: Keri Moduff UPS Store Golf Road and Busse Street Mount Prospect, IL This email is being sent to notify UPS Retail and/or Corporate Offices of the treatment I received while in their store today by the above-mentioned employee. This employee was...
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Monetary loss, $8000?


Look, you assuming that everything is wrapped up in a neat racist package, bow included, is about as ridiculous as you thinking UPS reads and will act upon your ignorant complaint here. And no that doesn't mean I'm a racist, it means I have a brain. Unless you think your skin color means you have no brain.

Most likely what happened is you are a cheap penny pincher trying to return a used item and the counter clerk told you no, you flipped out, she said we don't need you penny pinching types here, and you claimed racism, heart failure, hemorrhoids, and flatulence.

Wake up, you're an over dramatic stooge. Everything isn't about the color of your skin, you give people that HAVE suffered REAL racism a bad name. Grow the ***

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