Dear UPS -- Well – UPS really messed-up this delivery… despite several calls to UPS to confirm delivery and the address the rug never showed up…after I was told by 3 service reps it would be delivered today, Sept. 15 by the end of the business day…!?!?!

We had to run down a UPS truck, literally..and had the guy call the local office and the rug of course was not on a truck and was not scheduled to be delivered because they did not have an address…event though I confirmed it 4 times…I guess the 800 number that you call for UPS is worthless. Then we had to flag a van cab and go to UPS..and then pay an additional charge with the van cab to get the driver to bring us back to the venue – where it was supposed to be delivered all along…I can assure you I have nothing positive to say about UPS and will do all I can do to avoid using your service ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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