Charleston, South Carolina

I ordered an item form the Salt Lake City area on Monday 1/4/10, paying for 3 Day Select shipping. UPS received the item on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning at 7am, I noted that it hadnt left SLC yet, and that the delivery had been rescheduled for Friday 1/8/10, and emailed customer screwvice. The package ended up sitting at SLC until 11 pm that night...

Thursday 1/7/10, rescheduled yet again for delivery on 1/11/10

3 Day Select, no weekends or holidays until well after the 3 business days, turns into 7 Day Farce.

UPS, you suck royally. As much as I appreciate the great service of the vendor I bought from, for some reason they dont offer any other shipping options.

So, not on does UPS lose my business permanently from this day forth, so does my vendor {at least until they offer FedEx, DHL, or USPS as options}

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Absolutely true!! I ordered UPS 3 day select paid $16.40 extra.

Ordered item Monday night. Processed by vendor on Tuesday with and email confirming to UPS with tracking number. Now Friday, checking tracking number. Not scheduled for delivery until next Monday.

Why the heck did I pay $16.40 extra. UPS does not count the day they get the package, and no weekend days. So my 3 day select ends up being 6 days.

I could have had it mailed by the postal service. This vendor only uses UPS, so I guess it is good bye to them as well.


True same issue, Fedex is better

I wanted to ship my passport to Embassy, Fedex told me 7.99 $ for ground 3 day shipping, around $30 for 2 days and $70 for next day. I shipped on friday using $7.99 , and Embassy received my passport Monday morning .

UPS sucks to the core, Vendor shipped on 18th using 3 day select , and I've not received the package after 5 days . In the feedback I've recommended the vendor to move to Fedex or USPS


moreover i could see that the package has received San Diego on sunday , but even on Tuesday its still out for delivery, really BAD . They hold the package till the estimated date has reached, UPS you are losing customers if you do stuff like this, make it 5 day select, so we wont be eagerly waiting for the package


same problem. now i have to wait until monday when I see UPS trucks drive by my house every saturday.


Same situation here. Customer needed it so we shipped 3 day.

Took 7 days. . even if you count the weekend out - that's 2 days late.

And we saw it sat in the local hub for 4 days! What a joke.


UPS 3 day select service is load of garbage. They received on the Jan 28th, it is now February 4th - and been sitting in Little Rock - 100 miles from me for the last 3 days.

I KNOW the roads are accessible from Little Rock to here - 3 days??!!!! Oh - and I ordered something else shipped via FedEx AFTER this order and received it yesterday..


Oh God please help us this site has been run over by liberal democrats


It's not called 3 Business Day Select, it's called 3 Day Select. As a consumer you can't determine when your package will ship.

So in a way it's the vendor's fault. But UPS shouldn't even offer that if they aren't going to count Saturday. Which any jack@** that's ever used UPS know's they ship on Saturdays. So then what?

Saying it's three business days is not an answer.

And I actually preferred UPS until this. Poor, poor business practices on all people's parts.


yeah jack ***. 3 BUSINESS days.


hahaha friday to wednsday is 5 days genius and 3 BUSINESS days. sorry but thats how the world works.


I got 3 day select and my item shipped out friday and is expect to arrive WEDNSDAY! That is a total of 6 days worth of shipping. So much for 3 days I was expecting monday to be the delivery date considering it was in transit over the weekend.


strobes n more sucks *** they *** me out of all my money and now im suing them



Unfortunately, you are NOT entitled to a refund on your shipping charges. The company you ordered your items from is entitled to the refund as they were the actual shipper of the item.

You need to contact the company you ordered from as they would submit the claim for a refund from UPS. That company should refund your money, not UPS.



Of course you are entitled to a refund if UPS ships it to the wrong place. When you order it from a company though, you have to get your refund through them, since they are the ones who paid UPS to ship it in the first place.



I have ordered 2 things via UPS next day. The first was shipped next day TO THE WRONG CITY.

It took 5 days to reach me. The second was just pain lost and it took 2 weeks to get a replacement.

Did I get a refund on my shiopping charges? *** no.


sometimes weather is going to be an issue, it is winter after all


I had a similar experience with an order for 4 to 5 day delivery date and when I did my own tracking I discovered that the item had been sitting at the same place for those days. When I complained to the vendor they contacted the shipper and was told that it had been rescheduled due to the unexpected extreme winter storms that the United States was experiencing.

I decided that was a good enough reason and cut them some slack. I understood that.