Columbia, Missouri

I had a package sent out on the 19th ups scanned it on the 20th I was told it would be here on the 23rd. I wake up on the 22nd to a email stating it has been rescheduled for the 24th (today).

Well I checked the tracker yesterday and it was saying it was in Texas all day. So I knew then that it probably wasn't going to make it to me on the 24th so I called UPS and talked to customer service which guaranteed me it would be here on time and it was not going to be late. I woke up this morning with another email stating that it was rescheduled for the 25th (tomorrow). It finally left Texas at 3am or so I called customer service again to see why they would guarantee something to be here when they knew it wasn't going to be and to see if I will actually get it tomorrow.

They was very helpful other than to say that the package didnt make the deadline on the 23rd to make it to me on the 24th. Okay so youve had it since the 20th and you still managed to miss the deadline you set? 2nd day air has turned into a nightmare. I then asked if they could tell me what time the truck will be making it to missouri and if it will be within business hours today and if it is if I would be allowed to just drive to UPS and pick it up.

Of course they couldn't tell me that answer but they could hold it for me for me to pick it up tomorrow.

Well what would be the point? I have come to the conclusion after this I WILL NEVER USE UPS AGAIN!!

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@MattD78....So says the UPS representative.......


Probably at the time you talked with customer service everything they saw said it will be there on the 24th. You have no way to discern "they knew it wasn't going to be".

To them it was going to be and something happened.

And of course they can't give you a time of delivery. The customer service rep has no way to know the driver's schedule. Or if the driver is also going to be delayed.

So they tell you "Oh yeah it'll be delivered by 4PM" and then the driver doesn't make it and now they've "lied" to you twice.

I'm not saying UPS didn't fail in their obligation, they did. But to say/assume they knew it wasn't going to make it and to expect them to know a driver's schedule even a day in advance is I think putting a bit too much on UPS.