I have ordered my item online on Friday, September 17 and paid for an over night shipping hoping it would arrive on Monday September 19. As September 20 rolls by, there is no sign of my overnight shipping package.

(Hint: Expensive and over priced overnight shipping fee = urgent and in need) By lunch time of September 21, I called the UPS office regarding my package. They said the package was already delivered in the morning of september 21 at 8 o'clock in the morning at the address which is a business. Correct me if I'm wrong but, at 8 o'clock most people are still at home or on their way to work. So i ask them if i can go pick it up.

They said I cant and I have to wait for it to be deliver the next day at a reasonable time. On September 22, my package is still not here! I called them again to see what i can do to receive this package. And they replied just like last time, " You're package will be deliver to you tomorrow".

I was pissed but not as ticked off. As September 23 roles by (which is today), There is still no sign of my package. I had to call the UPS office again this afternoon, They said, "Your package was sent back to Memphis because no one was there to receive the package on September 21, The earliest arrive time would beTuesday, September 27" By that time, smoke was coming out of my ears!! The reason I paid for an overnight shipping is to get it within the next 2 days not the next 2 weeks!!!!

And on September 25 I have to travel to a different country for 6 months!!! And i need to use my package in that 6 months! How the *** willI be able to receive my package if I am not here to receive it ?!?!?!?! If someone else sign off for it they would have to pay international shipping fee to deliver the package to me one more time.

What a waste of money!! Why the *** would they send it back to Memphis?!?! How idiotic can they be? It's not like I haven't claimed it, I have called UPS everyday for my package!

How did they not know that my package was delivered back to Memphis!?!?!?! and told me that it would be delivered for me the next day! UPS have ruined my last 2 days in the States. I mean, who the *** deliver a package at freaking 8 o'clock in the morning, Who would be there to receive it?!?!

How would i know to wake up extra early for the package? How could i predict that it would come at that time? Im at my office 13 hrs a day from 9:00AM- 10:00 PM everyday! There is nothing i can do now other than have it internationally ship it to me.

What a waste on money, the over-priced overnight shipping cost and an international shipping fee! and The worst part is I cant do anything about it.

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