I had a 2 package shipment with the same tracking number on both packages sent to me. UPS delivered 1 of the packages on Thursday and listed the 2 package shipment on their tracking website as delivered, I called UPS to inform them of the mistake, they located the 2nd half of the shipment and said it would be delivered by the end of the next day(Friday).

The next day the 2nd package was not delivered, I called UPS again, after a 10 minute hold someone finally answered the phone, after some time the CSR located the 2nd package, it had been placed on a trailer for some reason (apparently to be returned to the shipper I believe). I asked if I could pick up the package at the local depot myself the next day (this is a large depot that operates 24 hours a day just outside Philadelphia and does service the public) and was told because it was now 7pm the CSR was unable to arrange that, I asked for a supervisor to see if they could make these arrangements and was told it would be a lengthy wait for the supervisor. The CSR asked to put me on hold and said they would check into my request, when the CSR came back on they informed me that it would not be possible to pick up the package and in fact the package would not be available until Tuesday for delivery or pickup due to the fact it was on a trailer(the trailer was still located at the depot) and could not just be simply taken off the trailer.

I am located on a daily UPS route and about an half an hour from the local depot. I would think due to this being a UPS mistake from the start they would make some attempt to rectify it, but I guess they just do not care about customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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So, you send 2 boxes with the same tracking number. Meaning you purchase 1 label and try to send 2 boxes for the price of 1 label..

I would guess UPS is trying to figure out how to collect for the shipping of the second box, since payment was never provided for the 2nd box.


Exactly. This is not a UPS error, but one on the part of whomever sent you the packages. Take it up with them.