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This review is long overdue. I now have multiple bad experiences with UPS, and I will put them all, chronologically, into this single review.

Several years ago, I ordered a replacement phone from my provider as mine was broken (that in itself was a painstaking process). Since the shipment was set up by the phone company, I didn't even think to change my delivery address to my work rather than my home. Though, I lived in a house that was subdivided into 3 apartments and I knew the occupants of the other apartments quite well. Anyway, I checked my shipment status and noticed that it had been delivered, but the signature did not belong to myself, nor either of my roommates, nor anyone living in the other 2 apartments. The driver didn't even take the name down of who signed for the package. So they gave my phone to someone random that didn't live in my building and didn't even bother to ask what their name was. I explained this to my phone provider and they sent me another phone. This time, I received a "sorry we missed you notice". I called UPS and had them change the delivery address to my work and they guaranteed the phone would be delivered the next day. However, the phone did not arrive the next day and when I called, they told me the package had been lost. Overnight, package gone. I couldn't believe it. I finally got it on the 3rd shipping attempt when I requested they use Purolator.

Now comes the most recent. I ordered a book from amazon and paid extra for the one day shipping as time is somewhat of an issue, not realizing this was going to be UPS. It was to be delivered today, but a coworker just brought me a "sorry we missed you" notice...I am sitting here in the office as have been ALL DAY. The driver said the business was closed, it is not, and didn't call the number I provided. Not sure what he did to conclude that the business was closed. We get shipments here every day, we've even had a couple today already. Maybe the people at FedEx get better training. I called customer service and the rep was incredibly rude and unhelpful. Luckily, I called back and got a new rep who was very pleasant and helpful, wish I got his name. Sadly, though, I am now going to pick the package up in the morning myself from the depot. It is frustrating that there is no contact between the drivers and the CSR's.

I get that things happen, but I used to run a mailroom for a large company, where I dealt with all of the delivery companies every day. I can count the number of hiccups by the other companies combined, on one hand without using my thumb. UPS, however, gave me frequent headaches, and I have never used them for a personal package that didn't turn into a problem. I may not always have a choice of service providers, but when I do, I can assure you that I will never, ever select UPS.

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