Will never use UPS (u pile of sh--) again. Ordered a package from Georgia 10 days ago.

Arrived 5 days ago in San Pablo, California, a town about 60 miles away. Sat there until Monday due to "adverse weather conditions". All sunny days. Just an excuse to try and cover up truly horrible service.

First they say the weather conditions were in Georgia, now in California. The left hand truly does not know what the right hand is doing.

They guarantee 5 day delivery but no one there will take responsility for their incopetence. I encourage everyone NOT TO USE UPS !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Grow a pair? What are you talking about?

Just because it's sunny where you live, doesn't mean the weather is perfect where the package is coming from.

25 million packages in the system at any given time, a few things go wrong here and there. Most people can accept this as life and move on, just not you cry babies.


Irish, perhaps you need to grow a pair and realize that youre paying for a service and expecting them to do their job expediently is very well within reason. They just pulled this same sh1t on me, going so far as to change the delivery date on the delivery date.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #139741

Ten days is not that long. Also it is not really ten days since weekends don't count. You just need to grow up and learn to be patient.

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