I was trying to ship a package from Orlando, FL to Boca Raton, FL which is just a 1 day ship, but to be sure that it actually did arrive in one day (ship wed. arrive thurs), I paid extra for 1 day Air delivery. Well it is a good thing the is was just important paperwork and not a heart for a transplant because then I would have been really screwed.

When I called on Thursday to find my package the tracking stated that there was a mistake in the sorting and "corrective action" has been taken. Fine, mistakes happen I will get a refund, fine..

Meanwhile Friday, I call again and it has yet another of this "corrective action" has been taken. Let me ask...How many times do you have to make a mistake before you actually do your job and ship your package. Apparently the package is STILL in Orlando, that is 2 days later, and the envelope hasn't even moved from where it was dropped off. At this point, I MAY get this package by Monday or Tuesday if I'm lucky. Funny part is I am going to Orlando on Saturday, but I can't just pick up my package because apparently it has already been rerouted - maybe. They should pay me to do their job, I would have gotten my package faster.

The person I spoke with was fine on the phone, the problem is not with the customer service all of the time, it is there system of shipping that is wrong. I don't know what they need to do but they should work on their "Logistics" so that they can make their customer service reps' lives' easier.

Thank You UPS for doing absolutely nothing and taking my money. I appreciate it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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