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UPS - UPC misdelivery

Company UPS
Product / Service Customer Service
Location Phoenix, Arizona
Category Shipping
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Monetary Loss

UPS misdelivered two of second day delivery packages from Amazon.com.UPS sent me text messages indicating the packages were delivered to my address when they had not been.

Checked with my neighbors and they did not receive the packages. Contacted both UPS and Amazon. UPS customer service could care less and will not check with their driver to see what happened - (Request: 140103-040819).
Amazon is reshipping and marking my account to place UPS as the least preferred shipper for all future shipments.

This is the fourth incident with late/misdelivered UPS packages I have had in the past 14 months.

Amazon should consider scrapping UPS as a shipper entirely.UPS feels like they don't have to be accountable for their drivers actions. 2e20000

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Jan 09  from Worthington, Ohio
And why the @#@! are you commenting on a post that YOU started and no one else has bothered commenting on?!?
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Jan 09  from Worthington, Ohio
You really need to let this go.
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Jan 04  from Phoenix, Arizona
I would encourage everyone experiencing problems similar to mine to contact your shipper and request that they tag your account with UPS as least preferred delivery company. Amazon has done this for me after 4 late/misdelivered shipments handled by UPS. This is the only way UPS will get the message that customer service counts.
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