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UPS - terrible customer service

  • by   Jan 04
  • Review #: 468647
Company UPS
Product / Service Packages Undelivered
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Category Shipping
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packages undelivered for 3 days now.Each day a customer service reasured us they will be delivered.

Each day given a different lie as to why they were not delivered.first a truck broke down. Second day forgot to put on truck. 3rd day lock in storage tank no one can get to. UPS is a horrible company that has no customer service is clearly run by the wrong people.

Something needs to change. Luck for you the payment is already made. I will try to only work with fed ex from now on. You continue to run your business the way you are now and you will continue to loss customers.

People pay good amounts of money for no reason.

Thank you for ruining our weekend and wasting our time.Shame on you all. 2d85025

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Jan 04  from Phoenix, Arizona
I would encourage everyone experiencing delivery problems with UPS to contact your shipper and request that they tag your account with UPS as least preferred delivery company. Amazon has done this for me after 4 late/misdelivered shipments handled by UPS. This is the only way UPS will get the message that customer service counts.
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Jan 04  from Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, New Mexico
i hate UPS anyone can type in youtube "UPS sucks" and its endless videos of true horror stories that UPS has unleashed on their customers.

the company should be dismantled and people should go to jail over the amount of theft and how often they damage/destroy packages.not to mention the sheer laziness and abject lack of professionalism shown by their terrible employees nationwide.
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Jan 04  from Baltimore, Maryland
Just spoke to customer service member named Laquita rude as ever. Not surprised. Said package emergency status. Wth does that mean. Did you brake it. Worst service ever.
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Jan 09  from Worthington, Ohio
Did you really think someone named "Laquita" was going to be a charm school graduate? Did you?
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