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Horrible, horrible UPS calls drivers in when roads are clear, stopping deliveries.

Company UPS
Product / Service Christmas Delays
Location Hicksville, New York
Category Shipping
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Shame, shame, shame, after all the Christmas delays, today, following the morning snow, by noon everything within 25 miles of the Elmsford depot was plowed, and really easily navigable.By 6pm the roads were not only clear but dry and super fine.

YET UPS IN THEIR INFINITE STUPIDITY CALLED IN ALL DRIVERS AT 6:45pm. We are located 4 miles from the depot, consequently one of the last stops so our Christmas delayed packages are being delayed again until Monday. This is inexcusable, and ridiculous since the roads are just plain fine.

I drove to the depot in 5 minutes flat.UPS this is why, my business ships with FedEx. 2e59b3a

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Jan 05  from Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Lifes should be risked so you get your package? U got your stuff so stop being a little *** about it moo ron
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Jan 03 
They do it because they only allow their employees to work a certain number of hours a week; they don't want to pay overtime. My package has been riding around the city on a truck for two days.
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Jan 03  from Vancouver, Washington
then drive the couple of minutes to the depot and pick up your cr@p and stop crying, baby
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Jan 03  from Vancouver, Washington
People PAY to have their packages DELIVERED, not to have to spend additional resources to PICK THEM UP!
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