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UPS - Delivery due on Friday but no show

  • by   Jan 04
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Company UPS
Product / Service Delivery Extending
Location Wallingford, Connecticut
Category Shipping
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You would think that with all the bad PR that UPS has received recently in the media, that they would try to improve their image by extending the delivery hours to catch up.A 2 day delivery mailed on Monday was delayed to Friday because of the new year holiday.

It never got delivered, and tracking has no information.

So, you would think that they should try to deliver on Saturday, but since it isn't marked for or extra payment made, it may wait until Monday.
As I said, BAD way to run a business in a customer service oriented age. 306e397

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Jan 07  from Newark, New Jersey
Yes, because doing things that are terribly inefficient is a great way to get ahead of a backlog in parcels due to weather and customer idi0cy.

You must work for the obama administration.
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Jan 04  from Phoenix, Arizona
I would encourage everyone experiencing delivery problems with UPS to contact your shipper and request that they tag your account with UPS as least preferred delivery company. Amazon has done this for me after 4 late/misdelivered shipments handled by UPS. This is the only way UPS will get the message that customer service counts.
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Jan 04 
Apparently you didn't have the bad weather that a lot of the country has had, including the East Coast.
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